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Efficiently manage on-demand meal orders

Ensure every patient receives a meal

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Identify patients who have not ordered

Centralize call center for multiple sites​

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Enhance level of customer service

Streamline overall room service process

Take guest meal orders

boost patient safety and satisfaction

Implementing an effective patient room service program in healthcare involves time, talent, and technology. This begins by equipping hospital food and nutrition services with room service software that will drive operational efficiency. As a result of automation, your hospital room service call center staff will be prepared to take patient meal orders in a way that ensures safety and produces high satisfaction scores!

Suitable for every type of hospital, Computrition’s Room Service Connect software system provides a heightened level of flexibility needed to process meal orders for patients and their visiting guests. With this solution, operators can ensure every patient receives a meal and easily identify any that have not yet placed an order. Additionally, hospital room service software enables your food service department to offer a wider variety of menu options, giving your patients broader meal choices!

A call center representative holds her headset as she looks at a computer screen showing data from hospital room service software.
Desktop monitor showing meal nutrients & exchanges from hospital room service software.

multiple sites, multiple orders – one call center

Your hospital may be one of several sites within a healthcare system that offers an on-demand room service program. So, if you are managing a multi-site operation, Room Service Connect allows you to take all meal orders from a centralized call center by easily switching from one site schema to the other within seconds. Now that’s streamlining!

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Having likes, dislikes, and allergies in the newest version of Room Service Connect helps the call center team safely and efficiently record and view allergies. The ability to record staff notes in Room Service Connect facilitates communication to and from the facility staff, including clinical dietitians.


system essentials

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Engineered with functionality specific for a room service call center

A blue icon of a globe with a person on either side. Two rounded arrows indicate a transfer from one to the other.

Conveniently take orders from any patient from any hospital at any time

A blue icon of a spreadsheet.

Identify patient likes, dislikes, and allergies (LDAs)

A blue icon of an apple with measuring tape around it.

Display meal nutrient content as menu items are added

A blue icon of a folder with a person's silhouette on the left and lines of text on the right.

Save patient lists for your staff to quickly access and use again for meal entry

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View tray delivery status using our Tray Delivery Dashboard (available with our Tray InMotion Elite module)


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Simplify the process of taking patient orders for a single hospital or multi-site operation

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Ensure that all room service-eligible patients’ orders are taken

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No additional hardware required in the call center

patients ordering icon

Determine the patients who haven’t ordered their meals so that staff can take their selections

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Take guest tray orders and increase revenue

see it in action

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room service software in a call center environment – producing the highest levels of:

Take a look at additional resources to find out how your hospital can benefit by room service software in a call center environment – producing the highest levels of: