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Leveraging robust and comprehensive hospital foodservice solutions, Computrition's suite of solutions allow
end-users to experience complete supply chain automation. Additionally,
Hospitality Suite is designed to streamline operations in a multitude of hospitality sectors for advanced
enterprise foodservice management that also includes nutrition and retail services too.


Hospital foodservice operators benefit by Computrition's solutions, like Foodservice Operations Management (FOM), which equips them with the tools to control food costs and increase efficiency through accurate forecasting. This application can be used in any setting requiring centralized food management, item purchasing and production planning.


Computrition's Nutrition Care Management (NCM) solution automates fundamental functions of nutrition services such as electronic tracking of patient data, diet order management, and efficient tray delivery. With NCM, nutrition service professionals can achieve the complex goal of delivering personalized patient care while practicing patient safety and enhancing satisfaction scores all at the same time.


Today's healthcare retail environment generates high volumes of revenue. Helping retail operators provide the best service to customers and hospital staff, Computrition has developed a comprehensive and cost effective SuitePoint! Point-of-Sale (POS) solution that improves enterprise foodservice management by streamlining the financial transaction process.


With extensive data captured in Hospital Information Systems (HIS) and Electronic Health Records (EHR), endpoint encryption and integration with ancillary systems is a must. Computrition's integration capabilities help eliminate redundant data entry, thereby streamlining the implementation process.


For healthcare executives, who rely on analytics to forecast, budget,and determine KPIs, Computrition developed DataArc to extract, transfer, and load data from FOM, NCM, and SP! to an enterprise data warehouse. Operators can conduct thorough reporting to identify areas of improvement and implement positive change.