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what is the prodigy award?

Foodservice HEROS like you, rely on our software system to optimize their foodservice operations performance, and we appreciate hearing about innovative ways automation has increased efficiency, raised satisfaction, reduced risks, and decreased costs.
This year, our Account Relationship Management team has been tasked with nominating a select few of their top accounts in each of three new categories for a Prodigy Award: Data ChampionTransformer, and Innovator.

Submissions in each category will be voted on and a first-place winner will be selected in each category.
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Does your operation excel in using analytics derived from Computrition solutions to aid in financial planning, budgeting, forecasting, and determining key performance indicators (KPIs)? Examples include data to measure:

  • food cost savings
  • revenue generated
  • lost sales
  • waste reduction
  • food-related errors
  • flaws in patient experience
  • staff performance
  • increased accuracy
  • streamlined efficiency
  • system maintenance

Can you explain how the data has helped achieve optimized outcomes, and demonstrate the actions taken with the data to accomplish these goals?


Have you recently implemented a new Computrition add-on module, such as ADT Diet Order Interface or TIM Elite? What transformations has your operation in our four pillars of automation (Human Satisfaction, Expense Management, Risk Reduction, and Operational Performance) have you experienced? Have our solutions helped you standardize processes, and what optimized outcomes have you achieved with standardization?


Have you recently launched one of Computrition’s newer modules, such as SPOON, SuitePoint! BackOffice, or DataArc? Explain the implementation process: install preparation, the training involved, introduction to staff, go-live performance. Describe how long the system has been running, any challenges you’ve overcome, and the success you experienced. Share any unique or innovative processes incorporated into your operation’s workflow as a result of automating with Computrition’s solutions.

For any questions, please contact the ARM team at