hospital tray tracking software

Optimize Your Hospital
Tray Delivery Process




Uphold hospital-wide patient food safety standards

Ensure patients recieve allowable meals​

Monitor diet order changes​


Need for automated tray tracking

Provide timely and correct meal delivery

Prevent patient tray errors


Reduce the risk of adverse food reactions

Streamline the entire food distribution process 

Improve staff productivity with dashboard reporting​

We know very well that food plays a key role in the patient recovery process. A meal tray can pass through many hands, and every step, from ticket creation to tray delivery, has the potential to result in an error and possible harm to a patient. Consequently, hospital tray tracking software is crucial. Whether it’s receiving essential nutrients or simply getting a nourishing meal on time, it’s important that any food given to patients, especially by tray, be handled with care and attention. 

Patient Nutrition professionals have an important responsibility to drive hospital initiatives that provide quality care and ensure compliance with patient food safety standards. Meeting these objectives is essential, especially since they can positively impact the reduction of hospital readmission rates and increase reimbursements. With hospital tray tracking software, your operation can take a proactive approach to enhance clinical outcomes as well as overall patient safety and satisfaction.

By automating with Computrition’s Tray InMotion (TIM) Elite solution, hospital Nutrition Services can streamline the tray delivery process and better connect the foodservice supply chain. With continuous tracking starting at ticket creation, Tray InMotion ensures tray delivery times are met, monitors process flow, and helps staff locate trays in seconds. These types of enhancements will eliminate the likelihood of a patient asking, “Where is my tray?”

In addition to having real-time tray tracking functionality, hospital wristband scanning for patient verification is a preventive measure that all Nutrition Services departments need to reduce risk, both to the patient and the facility. With TIM Elite’s Patient Identification Scanning feature, your hospital can ensure accurate tray delivery by:

with TIM's patient
scanning feature,
your hospital can
ensure accurate
tray delivery

Hospital tray tracking software Tray inMotion screens
A blue icon of a strawberry surrounded by a circle with a diagonal line running through.


Scan the patient’s tray ticket and wristband at delivery to verify the diet order did not change, preventing the patient from receiving foods with potential allergens or adverse effects.

A blue icon of a finger tapping a tablet.


If the diet order of the scanned wristband does not match the tray or kitchen ticket, the scanner will display a detailed alert so the appropriate action can be taken to deliver the correct meal.

A blue icon of a person standing over a hospital patient in bed.


Prevent patients with a newly changed diet order, such as NPO, from receiving a tray to avoid complications that could result from delivery and consumption.

A blue icon of a person with an encircled checkmark.


Scan the wristband as an additional patient identifier, avoiding potential miscommunication from verbal verification of a patient's identity.

A computer monitor showing a screenshot of a dashboard functionality from hospital tray tracking software, known as TIM Elite's Operations Connect.


To further streamline your operational efficiency and maximize the automation of tray distribution management, Computrition offers the Operations Connect Tray Service. This web-based dashboard provides your hospital with tray reporting to monitor tray delivery stats and staff performance effectively. Having the ability to oversee the hospital tray delivery progress at all stages and identify the location of bottlenecks for late trays is vital to your department’s success.

With this solution, hospital Nutrition Services can access the necessary tray delivery data in a sleek dashboard format, alleviating the inefficiencies of running multiple reports. More importantly, accessing metrics via a mobile device, desktop, or monitor in the kitchen or office will be resourceful to ensure your department continually achieves targeted delivery times, develops an optimal daily workflow, and helps boost employee productivity.

system essentials

A blue icon of a stopwatch with speed lines on the left.

Provides real-time tray delivery information to Call Center staff

A blue icon of two spreadsheets with data and metrics visuals.

Detailed reporting to track and monitor the flow of the Room Service delivery process

A blue icon of a finger tapping a sideways tablet.

Hand-held device barcoding option allows staff to update tray status instantly

A blue icon of a person with an encircled checkmark.

Patient wristband scans to provide another form of patient identification to confirm tray delivery to the correct patient with the right diet

A blue icon of a mobile phone with messages extending from the screen.

Bold status and warning messages for added confirmation and security measures

A blue icon of a megaphone with lines indicating sound.

Alerts users when standard stage delivery times are not met

A blue icon of a gear surrounded by two arrows turning in a circular motion.

Full integration with Hospitality Suite (HS) provides stage delivery times for each patient

optimized outcomes

A blue icon of a finger poking a smiley face.

Promote patient and guest satisfaction by ensuring
trays are delivered and retrievedon time

A blue icon of a shield emblazoned with a checkmark.

Safeguard patients from receiving an incorrect therapeutic diet and prevent potential harmful outcomes with increased accuracy

A blue icon of arrows pointing to the left and to the right.

Improve the meal delivery process flow by identifying areas that delay timely tray distribution

A blue icon of people's silhouettes. There is a circular target around one.

Enhance the level of internal communication and service
level with the real-time data transmitted to the Call
Center staff

A blue icon of a dashboard on a computer monitor.

Equip Nutrition Services staff
to elevate departmental performance with metrics
to track and benchmark
their individual and work delivery times

see it in action

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