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Ensure patient nourishment

Offer a pleasant hospital experience


Ease staff stress & labor deficiency

Decrease meal ordering wait times


Provide a contactless ordering option

Engage patients in their recovery process

Tablet and smartphone showing patient self-ordering with HS onTray


Thanks to the progression of technology, many services are now available at our fingertips. The surge in mobile ordering has garnered a broad reach, from enabling consumers to buy groceries and take-out meals to empowering hospital patients to order food using their devices. The advantages of the digital experience are extensive. That is why healthcare food and nutrition services are incorporating patient self-ordering into their dining processes – to exceed the quality of care one meal at a time.

At Computrition, we also understand that processes, such as ordering meals, aren’t the only factors that can affect patient satisfaction; the meals that are plated on the trays matter just as much. After all, food isn’t merely a source of nourishment but a valuable aspect of a hospital stay that can provide a sense of comfort and joy reminiscent of home. From the recipes that are created and food prepared to how meals are ordered, tracked, and delivered – Computrition cares about what’s on a tray!


An add-on module to Computrition’s Nutrition Care Management system, HS onTray provides patients with a convenient and contactless way to self-order their desired meals at their preferred times with their smartphones. Patients will receive menu options customized to their prescribed diet order(s), so they can easily view their diet order restrictions and allergy information, along with their meal’s nutrition values and descriptions. HS onTray’s thoughtful user interface is designed to prioritize the patient experience for enjoyable mobile meal ordering. It operates on a device’s web browser, requiring no app store download or account creation so that less time is spent ordering and more time is given to preparing the food!

Once patients are admitted to their room, staff will authenticate them and obtain their preferred method of contact (i.e., email address or mobile phone number) to provide them a personalized link to access HS onTray. After verification is completed, a personalized link is sent securely via email or text message so the patient can directly access HS onTray. After a simple confirmation of last name and date of birth, patients gain access to meal selections for the current day and the next day. Additionally, patients can rest assured that their family members can easily assist them should they want help placing their meal orders.

Patient's family member sitting in a chair using a phone for self-ordering meal.
Patient in bed using their smartphone for self-ordering a grilled chicken meal.


Adding patient self-ordering technology to your existing meal order solutions offers an alternative to the common ordering methods, such as staff-assisted or interactive edutainment technology. Considering the fluctuations in the healthcare workforce coupled with periodic spikes in hospital admissions, patient mobile meal ordering can alleviate pressure from short-staffed departments. Likewise, patients also benefit, especially during high volume meal periods when room service call centers experience longer wait times.


HS onTray supports both traditional and room service styles, including the option to schedule tray delivery times. Due to Computrition’s interoperability between systems, staff will receive an alert in Room Service Connect or Hospitality Suite when patients submit an order using HS onTray. Also, the patient’s record will indicate if they self-ordered through HS onTray, enabling staff to review the record and apply any updates. What’s more, if your facility already uses TouchPoint Dining with an integrated edutainment system, then no additional setup is required to implement HS onTray – talk about efficiency!

Whether you are a single-site hospital or a multi-site health system, HS onTray offers the flexibility to implement a patient self-ordering process at one or all locations and allows you to customize the look and feel of the solution for each site.

Nurse bringing the patient a meal tray after she requested food via mobile meal ordering.

system essentials

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Fully integrates with data from Nutrition Care Management

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Supports Android smartphones and Apple iPhones and iPads

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Compatible with both traditional and room service styles

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Permits advanced ordering for current day and next day meals

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Prevents patient over-ordering through menu item category limits

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Allows customization for logos, listed nutrients, and menu item names


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Requires no app download
or account creation

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Relieves long room service
wait times

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Boosts cost savings on hardware

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Educates through customized menus per patient diet restrictions and food allergies

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Empowers patients and
reduces staff stress

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Promotes hospital-wide safety practices with contactless processes

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