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Nutrition Labeling Software

nutrition facts labels
for retail operations





Inform customers about nutrient content of food

Print allergens on consumer food products

Follow FDA Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)


Provide customers with valuable ingredient, nutrition, and allergen information on packaged food items

Brand products sold in retail dining locations


Display nutrition food labels compliant with FDA’s Code of Federal Regulations

Increase brand awareness with customized nutrition labels

Enhance digital menu boards
with nutrient information

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From Grab-and-Go to Cafeterias

The food service industry is a world constantly evolving, with new regulations implemented frequently. As nutrition labeling requirements dictate labeling rules, ensuring Grab and Go items are properly labeled according to regulatory standards can be overwhelming for retailers. Not to mention, there is a growing need for transparency in the ingredients, allergens, and nutrients patrons consume. What can help is utilizing clear and appropriate nutrition facts labels on products.

With Computrition’s Label Elite add-on module, retailers can incorporate effective nutrition labeling software into their operations to create labels that meet FDA’s Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) and provide customers with accurate nutritional information that enhances their safety and promotes healthy dining.

Label Elite includes our Video XChange Gateway, allowing further integration with third-party labeling systems for customized packaged food labels, taking the retailer’s branding to the next level! As a bonus, Label Elite also integrates with third-party digital menu board systems, enhancing the overall dining experience.

Healthy Choices and Brand Awareness

Available to Foodservice Operations Management (FOM) and Nutrition Care Management (NCM) users, this nutrition labeling software solution can be used by any operation that sells prepackaged foods or serves menu items in cafés, dining halls, or retail outlets.

By leveraging existing data, operators can easily track item nutrients, ingredients, and associated allergens and instantaneously print nutrition labels that attach to products or legible placards placed throughout retail locations.

Increase your customers’ confidence in your products by providing them the nutrition facts labels they need to make safe and healthy choices using Label Elite!

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...the allergens and subingredients are added at the item level, once and done. This was something we had to repeatedly do at the recipe level (allergens at least) with our old software.


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system essentials

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Print labels and placards with your food’s nutrient content

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Display the items’ ingredients and associated allergens

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Customize labels with integrated third-party vendors

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Stream nutrient data to digital menu boards via Video XChange Gateway from Label Elite


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Help your customers make healthy, informed decisions

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Develop brand awareness using products created by your retail outlets

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Remain compliant with the FDA’s Code of Federal Regulations

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