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Promote non-patient awareness of on-site dining options

Increase retail revenue


Provide online menus for all dining options

Encourage hospital staff and visitors to dine on-premise


Determine meal choices in advance for faster ordering

View nutritional, allergen, and special diet information for safe meal selections

Screenshots of hospital online menus shows using Meal Choice Connect on a computer monitor, tablet, and mobile phone.


Making healthy and informed decisions is a big deal no matter where you dine, even in a hospital setting with multiple retail options for patrons. To make the meal selection process easier, one of the first tasks consumers often do is view online menus for a particular café or eatery in advance. Not only does this create buy-in, but the prevalence of various food intolerances and allergies has prioritized food safety initiatives in retail services, making the need for transparency all the more necessary.

With our Meal Choice Connect add-on module, hospital retail operators can display nutrient content, ingredients, and allergens via mobile menus. Finally, a powerful online menus solution that frontline employees and patrons can use to conveniently access daily meal offerings for each meal period and view total nutritional information for an entire meal selection before making any purchases! Those with special diets will appreciate the legend feature that helps identify meal items according to their preferences and requirements.


With 86% of hospitals offering both retail and patient meals, now more than ever before, retail operators need to be prepared with an effective way to communicate these online menu options to the staff and patrons.

Considering the vast quantity of hospital staff and the growing interest in nutritious food options, having a web menus solution is beneficial for both consumers and onsite dining venues. When consumers can review the full details of meal offerings, they can make sensible meal choices – not only does this drive retail traffic, but it leads to faster ordering, reduced line queues, and increased revenue!

Hospital Foodservice
Meal Offerings

A pie chart of Patient & Non-Patient Meals (86%) vs. Patient Only Meals (14%) and the need for online menus.
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Patient & Non-Patient
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Patient Only Meals
Two women speak with a retail employee at a café counter to purchase a meal after looking up their options using online menus.


Aside from hospital staff, visiting guests and community patrons are significant segments for in-hospital eateries. As cafeterias get transformed into modern full-service cafes, and hospital food courts are led by trained chefs who create made-to-order, locally-grown meals, retail services will profit by using mobile menus to engage new and existing customers.


system essentials

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Easy-to-use landing screen with customizable branding

A blue icon of a mobile phone with arrows pointing to/from the screen.

Browser-based for easy access anywhere

A blue icon of a browser window showing two gears.

Navigation between multi-site datasets to view different location menus

A blue icon of a calendar with a clock in the bottom right corner.

Daily or week-at-a-glance view of meal offerings

A blue icon of a long sheet of paper with a picture of broccoli and lines of text.

Personalized menu items including descriptions

A blue icon of a sheet of paper with lines of text and x's.

FDA Nutrition Information format that allows nutritional content in normal and USDA label format

A blue icon of a long spreadsheet with a magnifying glass hovering over a bar chart.

Visible recipe allergens, sub-ingredients, and item legend for special diets
(ex. V- Vegetarian)

A blue icon of an apple with measuring tape around it.

Calculate total nutritional information for entire meal selection


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Empowers customers to make healthier meal choices

A blue icon of a menu with a fork and knife on the cover.

Allows customers to view menu offerings in advance

A blue icon of a clock surrounded by arrows turning in a clockwise motion.

Reduces line queues

A blue icon of a dollar sign within circular borders.

Increases retail revenue

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Utilizes cutting-edge technology

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see it in action

Take a look at additional resources to find out how online menus will optimize your retail locations – producing the highest levels of: