Foodservice Heroes
& Prodigy Winners

Foodservice Heroes
& Prodigy Winners

We proudly present the customers selected as our 2021 quarterly Foodservice HEROES,
qualifying them as finalists for our annual Prodigy Award! Browse through their success stories
and look for a ribbon next to the grand prize winner.

We congratulate all of our Foodservice HEROES!

We proudly present the customers selected as our 2021 quarterly Foodservice HEROES,
qualifying them as finalists for our annual Prodigy Award! Browse through their success stories and look for a ribbon next to the grand prize winner.

We congratulate all of our Foodservice HEROES!

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Q4 2021 foodService hero


We want to congratulate Legacy Health System and the food and nutrition services team for their automation success!

Legacy Good Samaritan, located in the heart of historic Northwest Portland, OR, is one of the region’s most advanced medical centers and a magnet for specialty services, including top-rated cancer programs, nationally accredited for excellence in weight and diabetes care, and renowned worldwide for groundbreaking eye surgery and research.

Legacy Good Samaritan implemented Inventory Connect to help streamline and organize floor stock, such as requisitions out and taking physical inventory. With food items already built in Hospitality Suite, they had an efficient implementation process since the staff was well acquainted with using Hospitality Suite. As a result, it simplified training, and the web-based user interface was easy to use.

Legacy Health has realized many benefits since implementing Inventory Connect, such as:

  • Streamlined the workflow for taking and filling floor stock orders
  • Reduced floor stock labor by 3 hours/day at $16-22/hour ($12,480-$17,160/year)
  • Utilized par levels to ensure units had accurate item quantities and were charged appropriately
  • Increased staff/nursing satisfaction by decreasing ICARES from several times per week to 1-2 per month by meeting the unit’s needs

Plans to implement Inventory Connect at three other Legacy hospitals (Emanuel, Meridian Park, and Unity) in early 2022 are underway.

Congratulations, Legacy Health System, for effectively implementing Inventory Connect at Legacy Good Samaritan! Thank you for sharing all the department’s and team’s successes.Le

Q3 2021 foodService hero - 2021 winner

Southeast Louisiana Veterans Health Care System

We want to congratulate Kimberly Thompson, Supervisory Dietitian, and the team at Southeast Louisiana Veterans Health Care System as the Q3 Foodservice HERO winner!
Southeast Louisiana Veterans Health Care System (SLVHCS) provides gold-standard patient-centered healthcare throughout 23 parishes (counties) in southeast Louisiana, seven Veteran outpatient clinics, and a new inpatient Veterans Medical Center, approximately 200 beds. SLVHCS strives to provide excellence in dining services to Veterans using innovative solutions. They went live with Computrition’s foodservice management solution in November of 2019 to replace their manual processes and enhance operational efficiency for their new inpatient medical facility after Hurricane Katrina. SLVHCS shares how their Nutrition Communication Center and production achieved success with automation.
  • Centralized all of their foodservice operations with the ability for production to manage menus, recipes, and ingredients in one system
  • Utilized annual reports to serve as a benchmark against other VA medical facilities
  • Created menus in advance, such as their Master menu, Pandemic menu, and Disaster menu
  • Automated exchange counting and improved nutritional analysis of the master patient menus by over 90%
  • Improved standardized recipe compliance and production staff’s access to recipes by over 90%
  • Reduced processing times of diet changes and late trays from every fifteen minutes to every five minutes, decreasing wait times by 67%
  • Enhanced tray line efficiency with the use of items lists, increasing the number of completed trays from five trays/minute to eight trays/minute (60% improvement)
  • Improved team morale by over 75% and allowed staff to spend more time focusing on other job responsibilities
  • Enabled health aides in the Nutrition Communication Center to decrease time spent on non-value added activities, raising the percentage of patients with meal selections versus standard house selections
  • Equipped hosts/hostesses with user-friendly bedside ordering technology that provides pie charts for carbohydrate counting/exchanges and notation fields to alert other shifts
  • Reduced food costs with more accurate tallies for meals, used helpful temperature tracking spreadsheet, and easily quantified recipes
  • Replaced hand tallying of paper tickets with automated tally reports, increasing accuracy and efficiency
  • Improved safety and satisfaction by automating manual processes, such as counting production items by hand and manually calculating 300+ meals per day
  • Reduced risks of errors with LDAs on tickets, diet restrictions not being followed adequately, inaccurate production tallies, and tray inaccuracies caused by an inability to read the writing on the tray tickets
  • Achieved over 95% accuracy with LDAs, diet restrictions, production tallies, and tray accuracy
  • Prevented the risk of malnutrition using the Special Service report to identify any missing items, such as a supplement, on the tray tickets
  • Decreased the time to count production tallies by 92% with a reduction in processing time from sixty minutes to five minutes per day (annual cost savings of $4,353)
  • Reduced the time to check patient menus for accuracy prior to tray line by 94%, as processing time decreased from ninety minutes per day for three meals to five minutes per day total (annual cost savings of $6,673)
  • Increased accuracy of annual nourishment costs by replacing manual tracking with the use of the Nourishment Costs report

Well done to the Southeast Louisiana Veterans Health Care System team for using automation to accomplish significant improvements and savings in all areas of their foodservice operation!

Team at Robert J. Dole VAMC

Q2 2021 foodService hero

Robert j. dole VAMC

We want to congratulate Joan Stadler, Chief, Nutrition & Food Service, and the team at Robert J. Dole VAMC as the winner of this quarter’s Foodservice HERO!

With the help of bedside meal ordering, Robert J. Dole VAMC, located in Wichita, KS, has achieved success in Computrition’s four pillars of automation.

  • Improve daily workflows for diet office clerks
  • Eliminate human error with the use of SmartSubstitutions
  • Decrease food waste with accurate Tally Guide reporting
  • Boost satisfaction with staff interaction via bedside meal ordering
  • Ensure patient safety and satisfaction with appropriate menu selections
  • Provide modern technology and enhance the patients’ experience
  • Avoid the risk of patients receiving the wrong tray with the alert monitor
  • Increase patient safety by eliminating errors in providing incorrect food items, such as allergens or diet restrictions
  • Improve budget and cost allocation with the use of reports comparing cost per tray versus the amount spent
  • Review and adjust expenses to stay within department budget goals
  • Decrease waste and extra costs by reducing inventory

Congratulations to the whole team at Robert J. Dole VAMC! Your dedication to achieving departmental goals makes us pleased to name you our Foodservice HERO of the quarter!

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