Interoperability Between Computrition and TeleHealth Services Support Ongoing Patient Engagement Initiatives


July 11, 2018 – Los Angeles, CA – Computrition and TeleHealth Services, a current third-party partner, recently certified the interoperability of their systems. Based on this integration, Computrition’s TouchPoint Dining solution, an add-on module of the Nutrition Care Management (NCM) system, will deliver a two-way communication between NCM and TeleHealth’s SmarTigr system.

TeleHealth’s SmarTigr is an interactive patient engagement system that incorporates the hospital room television for displaying information and an integrated pillow speaker (hospital-grade remote control) as a navigational tool for making selections. The unique fusion of these systems allows patients to view diet-specific menu items communicated from NCM on the in-room TV and easily place their own meal orders in advance using a pillow speaker.

Empowering patients to have more control of their meal ordering helps improve the overall patient experience at the point of care and reduces the need for staff to manually take meal orders. While making meal selections, the patients may also view valuable nutrient information for each menu item and the entire meal, providing staff with educational opportunities to assist patients in learning how to manage their diets more effectively.

Interoperability between Computrition’s and TeleHealth Services’ interactive systems is intended to support hospital nutrition services to continually personalize the entire meal ordering process while streamlining workflows. Ultimately, hospitals benefit by implementing this type of integrated patient-centric initiative because it can contribute towards improved patient satisfaction scores, increased reimbursements and better cost efficiencies.

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