Healthcare Retail Operators Raising Customer Retention and Revenue with Computrition’s Latest Products


October 22, 2019 – Los Angeles, CA – Computrition caps the year with the dual release of web-based products tailored specifically for healthcare retail services. Meal Choice Connect is the fifth solution to join the Connect family of products, with the Customer Loyalty Program released in counterpart with the SuitePoint! Account Connect solution that debuted last year. Collaboratively, these user-driven add-on modules support the hospital’s ongoing efforts to boost customer retention by incentivizing onsite dining and capitalizing on opportunities that keep retail revenue in-house.

Empowering consumers with a retail account management system like Account Connect allows hospital staff to conveniently use their badge to make onsite purchases and securely self-manage internal accounts – such as billing, declining balance, payroll deduction, gift cards, and rewards cards – from any mobile device, tablet or PC browser. Similar to the the online banking concept, employees can log into their account to view transactions, balances, and purchase histories, while having the ability to also add funds.

Considering the sizable quantity of staff employed at hospitals, offering a retail loyalty program that rewards individuals based on the frequency of purchases will serve to motivate employees to dine on-premise. Seamless integration between the Customer Loyalty Program and Account Connect provides users with account insights for points accrued and rewards earned directly from their smartphones without the need to download any additional applications.

Beneficially, operators can leverage their Customer Loyalty Program to drive employee wellness initiatives by rewarding healthier food choices. Likewise, Computrition’s Meal Choice Connect is a mobile menu technology that consumers can use to view the menu options of food items they will purchase that will get rewarded.

Interoperability is a vital aspect of automation, and these retail solutions work together to improve the overall point-of-purchase experience. Not only are employees better prepared to order when they arrive at the retail areas, but they are also able to make payments and accrue loyalty rewards all from the use of a badge – streamlining the throughput of lines. Computrition’s latest products create the desired operational efficiencies that enhance employee satisfaction while maintaining profitability for the healthcare retail environment.

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