Dartmouth College Takes First Place as Computrition’s Prodigy Award Winner


June 6, 2017 – Los Angeles, CA – Computrition has awarded Dartmouth College as the first place winner of the eighth annual Prodigy Award.

The first organization in the education sector to be awarded, Dartmouth College has demonstrated substantial advancements in on-campus dining services by way of automation. With the implementation of Computrition’s Foodservice Operations Management (FOM) system, Dartmouth has improved production and inventory management as well as the delivery of information to their patrons.

Since automating, Dartmouth has also installed computers in the kitchens to allow production staff to directly input post meal data into the system, have instant access to reports and share recipe documents regardless of which prep area the staff is working. Consequently, automation has eliminated the need for maintaining paper production books and forecasting is now completed within days versus weeks. Similarly, the use of tablets has helped storeroom staff to instantly enter inventory data into the system, producing tighter inventory control, more organized storage and product usage.

With the use of Epicure Digital Menu Boards integrated with Computrition’s solutions, Dartmouth displays real-time menu choices, allergen and nutritional information as well as religious classification to the patrons in their All-You-Care-To-Eat dining location. Dartmouth has not only eliminated manual work and decreased errors but has also earned a savings in labor and supply costs.

A 25-year veteran of Computrition, Palos Hospital was awarded the second place winner for effectively incorporating automation during the expansion of their foodservice and retail operation through a full-scale renovation. Palos successfully satisfies the needs of patients, visitors and staff with the use of a broad range of solutions that include a room service program, point-of-sale system and even food labeling technology.

To learn more about the winners of the 2017 Prodigy Award, please visit our website.

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