Patient BYOD Meal Ordering for Healthcare Foodservice


December 20, 2022Los Angeles, CA – Introducing an innovative patient Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) meal ordering solution to the healthcare foodservice industry, Computrition’s newest product – HS onTray – enables hospitals to provide patients with the convenience of ordering meals using their personal devices.

As hospitals and health systems continue to experience ongoing labor challenges, there is a need for supplemental technology to fill the gaps of workforce shortages and sustain operational efficiency. Likewise, the impact of the pandemic prompted foodservice operators to consider long-term best practices that would reduce risk exposure. Patient self-ordering software offers a contactless yet safe approach, as menu items are diet-specific and highlight any restrictions or allergens.

A distinguishing feature that sets HS onTray apart from other technologies in the market is the pleasant and practical user journey it provides patients. Given that no app store download or account creation is needed, patients receive a personalized link to access HS onTray in a web browser via email or text after a simple authentication and verification. From the initial contact with HS onTray to the end, users easily flow through the meal ordering process as they interact with a visually appealing interface. As a result of effectively designed technology, user engagement is elevated.

Additionally, patient BYOD meal ordering with HS onTray expedites the meal selection process since patients don’t have to wait for staff to assist them. Due to integration with Room Service Connect Plus  and Hospitality Suite, staff receive alerts whenever patients order from HS onTray. While patients have the liberty to choose their meals, nutrition care is never compromised because staff can assess meal orders and make changes as needed. By expanding the meal ordering resources used in food and nutrition services, foodservice departments can reduce costs associated with a fully staffed room service call center.

Considering food is essential to healing and recovery, engaging patients with a BYOD meal ordering solution can lead to many positive hospital-wide outcomes. HS onTray goes beyond streamlining the meal ordering process; it empowers patients to choose what they want to eat and enjoy the food on their trays. “As a Registered Dietitian, I believe patient involvement in meal ordering results in improved nutrition and better recovery. HS onTray’s modern yet intuitive design considers the diversity of the patient population and enables them to order their preferred meals at their desired times,” said Liz Levenduski, RD, Computrition’s Senior Product Manager. “I expect HS onTray to help boost patient satisfaction and diminish hospital food waste while relieving the workload of the food and nutrition staff.”

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