Computrition Announces the 2020 Prodigy Award Winners


December 9, 2020 – Computrition awarded Parkland Health and Hospital System and Central Washington University Dining as the honorary winners of this year’s Prodigy Award Contest.

To demonstrate the positive outcomes realized from automating food, nutrition, and retail operations, Computrition gives customers the unique opportunity each year to share their success stories. Despite the unexpected challenges that foodservice operators have encountered because of the COVID-19 pandemic, they have responded with a great spirit of fortitude by establishing more innovative workflows than ever before.

The Prodigy Award 2020 - Computrition's Recognition for Excellence

The first-place winner, Parkland Health and Hospital System, has successfully optimized its operational performance and achieved significant results within Computrition’s automation pillars. With the use of tray tracking technology, Parkland not only effectively tracks meal deliveries and employee productivity but also manages a safe process to identify tray tickets for COVID-positive patients – achieving both operational efficiency and risk reduction.

Likewise, bedside meal ordering software enabled Parkland to enhance the patient experience with improved interactions among their staff, elevating the overall level of satisfaction. Implementing a robust point-of-sale solution also made it possible to securely handle one million retail transactions annually and provided Parkland with the reporting features to conduct thorough retail analysis.

Central Washington University (CWU) Dining was selected as the second-place winner for their remarkable testimony of advancing foodservice in higher education with Foodservice Operations Management (FOM). By maintaining quality data through the latest versions of the software, the CWU team restructured their menu management, purchasing, and forecasting practices.

Like many operations impacted by the pandemic, CWU had to pivot their processes in response to emerging needs. While utilizing their central warehouse as a hub for food donations and disposal, the CWU team creatively leveraged FOM’s custom cost center feature to account for over $7540 in donations.

Computrition’s VP of Client Relations, Genevieve Gagnon, commended the 2020 Prodigy winners by stating, “Every year we are stunned by the clever ways our customers operate Computrition’s solutions to optimize foodservice. The contest submissions, as well as our recent virtual User Conferences, have been valuable means of learning and sharing how these Foodservice Heroes are continually overcoming obstacles with technology.”

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