Nutrition Care Management (NCM)

Nutrition Care ManagementNutrition Care Management

Today’s nutrition services professionals understand the importance of a patient’s experience and how that influences the success within their department and the overall performance of the hospital. Overseeing patients not only entails quality care, but also accuracy, accountability, consistency and safety. By automating with Nutrition Care Management (NCM), the nutrition services operation advances with value-added technology that benefit both the patient population, as well as the staff.

By implementing NCM, leading hospitals and healthcare systems are streamlining their workflow with the automation of manual processes. Administering an electronic patient cardex and better managing tray tickets and diet orders are just a few fundamental improvements. Having preventative food safety measures in place is vital in eliminating the risk of errors, harmful reactions or even fatal outcomes related to food allergies. NCM equips nutrition services to practice patient safety with features that can trigger alerts, customize tray tickets and modify menus to guarantee the food served coincides with the patient’s existing diet order.

Due to NCM’s integration capabilities with HIS and EMR’s, patient information is securely transmitted across hospital departments. Using emerging mobile technology that interface with NCM, staff can directly, and therefore efficiently, input patient’s data into the system at bedside. As the delivery of personalized patient care continues to be an ongoing initiative in healthcare, NCM is indispensable for nutrition service leaders who strive to achieve thriving patient satisfaction scores and increase the extent of hospital reimbursements!

  • Immediately access patient information via an electronic cardex
  • Automate patient nourishment management
  • Customize tray tickets to include only foods to be served
  • Track acuity levels and schedule patient visits
  • Tally menus easily with a click of a mouse
  • Track and report patient weight gain/loss
  • Menu correction for food/drug interactions
  • Track diet order history
  • Ensure that patients are never served food that they dislike, are allergic to or that are inappropriate for their diet order
  • Enable automatic patient menu substitutions and menu corrections for diabetic/renal exchanges
  • Allow patient bedside screening and menu selections
  • Seamlessly transmit patient information into the system with HL7-compliant ADT/diet orders interfaces
  • Generate print shop quality menus showing patient names and diet orders with inappropriate items already removed
  • Redirect staff resources due to elimination of manual processes
  • Decrease supply costs
  • Improve patient satisfaction scores
  • Increase staff-patient interaction time
  • Increase revenue due to careful cost tracking of enteral formulas

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Nutrition Automation


Nutrition Automation Improves Patient Care

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