Prodigy Award Contest 2018Computrition's Prodigy Award 2018

Computrition's Prodigy Award is designed for recognizing and showcasing our customers who demonstrate innovative and successful use of our products and solutions, improving financial and operational performance in the foodservice and healthcare industry.

We are happy to announce the 2018 winners below. Check back to this page frequently and look for future emails regarding the 2019 contest! Contact your Account Relationship Management team if you have any questions at

2018 Winners

First Place

For the first time since 2010, we have a tie for first place! Congratulations to both MultiCare Health System and HCA West Florida Division for winning our 2018 Prodigy Award!

MultiCare Health System (MHS), located in Tacoma, Washington, has been a Computrition customer since 2006 where they began running two hospitals on one schema for Foodservice Operations Management (FOM) and Nutrition Care Management (NCM). As their system grew, each hospital was set up with their own schema, causing redundant data entry. With the implementation of call centers and Room Service, separate schemas were maintained for NCM where the call center was located. MHS felt the disconnect with the repetitive data entry.

MHS acquired two hospitals and seventy clinics across the state that worked with different vendors. Realizing the inefficiency of redundant data entry and lacking a way to seamlessly manage updating vendor information, they decided to develop a master schema and an initiative to be Better Connected. Having an enterprise master schema “gives the organization the flexibility of having one enterprise vendor’s data seeded to the regional master schema, or the regional master schema being maintained for their respective food vendor.”

Many benefits were accomplished, such as producing quality and uniform data that patient safety depends on and saving in labor by entering vendor data once and then propagating it to the appropriate data schemas, all of which supported their Better Connected initiative.

Significant savings were achieved by MHS moving to a master schema:

  • Initial setup of the master schema alone saved over $53,000
  • Ongoing labor savings in the first year with the eight hospitals was over $56,000

Congratulations to the staff at MHS for the dedication and success achieved by the implementation and execution converting to a master schema.

West Florida Division (WFD) of Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) is no stranger to our Prodigy contest as they took first place in 2013 for their significant cost savings leveraging Computrition’s Hospitality Suite solution.

WFD’s 16 acute care hospitals are located within the Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida region. In 2013, WFD utilized Computrition’s three main applications (FOM, NCM and SuitePoint! Point-of-Sale (POS)) to consolidate its patient menus, food operations and point-of-sale platforms.

More recently, with the help of standardized menus and the implementation of Room Service Connect, WFD successfully implemented a consolidated call center that handles requests from about 2,500 patients a day and 1,300 calls daily. Grace Lee states, “…the call center team uses the Room Service Connect module to simplify ordering. Having likes, dislikes, and allergies in the newest version of Room Service Connect helps the call center team safely and efficiently record and view allergies. The ability to record staff notes in Room Service Connect facilitates communication to and from the facility staff, including clinical dietitians.”

WFD shares the value found in several of Computrition’s Hospitality Suite features, such as the use of the alert monitor to help their staff address issues in a timely manner, keeping hungry patients satisfied and the use of special services to help prioritize patients that need special attention. WFD believes that “Special services is an excellent means of communication from the facility to the call center.” They were also able to implement a hotel-like system for guest tray purchases with the use of SuitePoint! POS by placing orders over the phone and paying through the call center.

WFD uses “robotic process automation” (via Network Automation) to deliver Computrition’s Hospitality Suite reports to the staff throughout the day and as a result, has saved in approximately 2 FTEs and diverted staff’s attention to the patients’ bedside.

Because of the improved patient experience with the advancement of technology, WFD has raised their Press Ganey quality of food score from 34.6 in 2016 to 38.5 in 2017.

Furthermore, with the consolidation and use of Computrition’s Hospitality Suite, Food and Nutrition Services saw a savings in labor which resulted in 6 net FTEs. The use of reports, such as production tallies, forecasting and post-production reports saved in food waste and supply expense.

Congratulations to WFD for demonstrating exceptional use of Hospitality Suite and the impact it has on cost savings and the patients’ experience.

Second Place

Computrition awards the Prodigy’s second place winner to UNC Medical Center.

UNC Medical Center, located North Carolina, integrated TUG robots in their foodservice operation and expresses Computrition has been key to the success of the program. They were able to track the patient’s tray status with the use of Tray InMotion and provide real-time feedback to nurses and patients on the tray status, as well as pinpoint the location of any tray, at any time with the TUG reporting features. The robots have helped reallocate staff time, increasing face-to-face time with patients, resulting in increased patient satisfaction scores by 7%.

UNC’s Main Campus uses a centralized call center to process patient meal orders across multiple sites which has made a significant impact on improving patient satisfaction scores by 20 points and has eliminated the need for diet offices at facilities that utilize the Main Campus’s call center and redirect staff to other areas of their operation. With the use of Hospitality Suite in the call center, employees were able to work remotely from personal office locations, increasing individual employee productivity to 95% and decreasing patient and nursing phone wait times. UNC states, “Overall, the implementation of the centralized call center has increased patient satisfaction, standardized UNC Healthcare’s food service ordering process, as well as improved efficiency and quality standards.”

Congratulations to UNC for their success with the robotic and call center innovations.

Drawing Winner

We are honored to announce Lee Memorial Health System as our drawing winner. Lee Memorial Health System was able to branch into several schemas with the upgrade to 18.12.5 and added Room Service Connect to improve the efficiency and security of their food service call center.

We thank all of those who participated in this year’s contest. We were honored to read about the success you’ve shared and look forward to your submissions next year.

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