Healthcare Retail Point-of-Sale Q&A

At Computrition, we are proud to provide healthcare retail operators with point-of-sale software uniquely developed for their food service environment. Since hospitals require funding for projects and initiatives, retail revenue is vital to an operation’s success. Technology can capture the data necessary to help retail operators maximize profits and achieve their goals.

Considering the importance of healthcare retail foodservice, we interviewed two of our very own point-of-sale superstars. Read on to find out more about their roles, favorite functionality, and anticipation of future enhancements.

Employee using healthcare retail point-of-sale software

Tell us a little bit about your role at Computrition.

Erick Hankinson

I am one of the Senior Account Relationship Managers and have been with Computrition almost 17 years. However, I have been using Computrition’s software for over 20 years. In my role, I work with some of our best customers that are doing innovative things with Computrition’s technology. I also collaborate with the rest of the ARM team to assist our healthcare customers when they are interested in adding our retail point-of-sale (POS) software, SuitePoint!.

Wynn Taylor

I am the Product Manager for Computrition’s retail products and am responsible for the features and functionality of our retail software. I work with customers, engineers, and executives to enhance our product offerings. I love learning about the goals and challenges of our customers so that we develop software that provides maximum value to the users.

What are your favorite features of our retail product line?

Erick Hankinson

My favorite feature of SuitePoint! is the capability to have the registers run in standalone mode if the network goes down. I have talked to many customers about their old registers and have heard many stories about how their old POS software went down due to network issues, forcing them to give away free food. They get so excited when I tell them SuitePoint! registers can still function despite network disruptions or server outages.

Wynn Taylor

Offering flexible payment options is my favorite SuitePoint! feature. The SuitePoint! retail platform can easily accept payments with cash, credit card, declining balance, payroll deduction, gift card, rewards, and charge accounts. Payments are quickly and securely processed.

Why do you believe SuitePoint! and its add-on modules are important products for Computrition?

Erick Hankinson

When SuitePoint! debuted over ten years ago, it completed full integration for foodservice operations by allowing recipe nutrition analysis to carry over on retail receipts, menu boards, or websites. Subsequently, sales numbers are transmitted back into the Foodservice Operations Management (FOM) software for forecasting, production, and ordering. Additionally, with the use of DataArc, foodservice directors can leverage reports to make data driven decisions.

Wynn Taylor

SuitePoint! allows hospitals to efficiently serve their employees, minimizing wait times and keeping costs low. Because SuitePoint! is an integrated solution, item lists, nutrition information, and sales counts are shared between SuitePoint! and FOM automatically. In addition, healthcare staff can have more enjoyable break times on-site with online ordering and a robust retail point-of-sale register.

Are you seeing any retail trends that excite you?

Erick Hankinson

I am excited for our self-checkout to come out soon. Even though labor shortage issues are still a reality in healthcare, there’s still a need to offer retail food services. With our solutions, healthcare operations can do more with less. I am excited about enhancements to our online ordering solution (SPOON) and enabling retail operations to offer self-ordering kiosks.

Wynn Taylor

Given that rising costs and staffing issues are still major trends in the retail market, they can be seen as long-term challenges. Consequently, we are continually enhancing our retail product line to promote a self-service environment. Our self-checkout solution will allow our customers to mitigate the impact of staffing issues, expand their services, and lower operational costs. SuitePoint! Point-of-Sale customers will be able to use the same hardware for both cashiered and self-checkout transactions, with the ability to switch between the two on-demand!

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Headshot of Erick Hankinson, Sr. Account Relationship Manager

Erick Hankinson, Sr. Account Relationship Manager

Headshot of Wynn Taylor, Retail Product Manager

Wynn Taylor, Product Manager