Eric Lipsitt



Eric Lipsitt is the President of Computrition, Inc. His focus is to ensure the software not only meets the needs of customers but empowers them as forward-thinking leaders in their respective industries. Working for Computrition, in all capacities, has strengthened his skill sets and established the proper foundation to positively impact customers.

Headshot of Eric Lipsitt
Eric with fellow Computrition employees at the annual AHF conference.


Automation with enterprise foodservice solutions requires keen decision-making and industry knowledge, both of which translate into better outcomes for the organizations we partner with and the communities they serve. With years of experience dedicated to business development and product advancement, Eric works closely with all departments to ensure the end result is executed with all perspectives in mind. In doing so, our customers are provided with products that directly address their pain points and enhance their operations.  


Partnering with industry leaders and foodservice heroes to solve complex challenges through automation inspires Eric daily. He believes in customers and Computrition’s ability to serve them well. When not at work, he enjoys running to U2’s greatest hits (they got him through his first Ragnar), and is a dedicated member of his town’s coed softball league. 

Eric waiting to run his laps with fellow Ragnar runners, Jen Higgins and Gen Gagnon.