2023 Prodigy Winners

2023 Prodigy Winners

We congratulate our customers honored in our three Prodigy categories:
Data Champion, Innovator, and Transformer

We congratulate our customers honored in our three Prodigy categories:
Data Champion, Innovator, and Transformer

data champion

First place - carle foundation hospital

We are proud to announce Carle Foundation Hospital (CFH) as our first place Data Champion winner!

A customer for over 10 years, CFH, located in Urbana, IL, highlighted the significant impact Computrition’s data has on patient meal delivery.
  • Captured real-time data with the use of DataArc and Tray inMotion Elite for meal tray delivery.
  • Went from a 50-minute tray delivery time to 39 minutes.
  • Saw a 22% improvement in tray delivery.
  • Increased delivery of 10,000 more trays!
  • Leaders tracked delivery stats by employee, average delivery times by day and daypart, and statistics for delivery stages to improve processes.
  • Impacted the patient experience by keeping real-time data in front of both the front-line employees and department leaders.

second place - halton healthcare

Congratulations to Halton Healthcare for placing second in the Data Champion category.

Located in Canada, Halton Healthcare is comprised of three community hospitals (Georgetown Hospital, Milton District Hospital, and Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital).

By implementing Computrition’s software system, the Nutrition & Food Services department at Halton Healthcare has successfully enhanced operational efficiencies utilizing:

Foodservice Operations Management

  • Through inventory management, purchasing, and requisitions, the production team achieved continuous forecasting, resulting in reduced waste and enhanced inventory accuracy including updated item specifications and costs, and
  • Automation of orders resulting in substantial time savings.

Tray inMotion Elite

  • Provided real-time tray tracking data,
  • Patient wristband scanning reducing patient risks,
  • Daily reports ensuring they meet their target meal delivery times and verify the patient scanning process with the tray delivery staff, and
  • Reduced late trays from an average of 15-20 late trays to 2-3 late trays.

Inventory Connect

  • Transformed their floor stock management processes, going from high-risk manual methods to an automated system to ensure accurate information is provided to the finance team.
  • Utilized an iPad for requisitions to record stock when delivering bulk nourishments, which resulted in significant cost and labor savings.
  • Printed month end reports by cost center to track the total stock left on each unit, significantly saving time and providing accurate costing to finance.
  • Previously, clerks dedicated two hours daily to manually enter data and calculations for floor stock supplies. Through process improvements, Halton Healthcare has saved 60 hours per month, resulting in cost savings of $2,000 per month ($24,000 annually).


first place - city of hope

We are thrilled to announce City of Hope, from Duarte, CA, a valued customer of Computrition for 15 years, as the recipient of our first-place Innovator award.

Computrition’s solutions have helped City of Hope streamline their operations and assist them in making data-driven decisions.

Room Service Connect
  • Enabled patients to select their meals from personalized menus and receive on-demand meal delivery.
  • Gave patients great control over their meal choices and improved satisfaction.
  • Reduced meal waste and ensured meals are delivered in a timely manner.
  • Helped patients make informed meal choices that meet their dietary needs with nutrition and allergy information.
Tray inMotion Elite
  • Reduced tray delivery errors, improving patient satisfaction.
  • Ensured accurate and timely delivery by tracking meals.
  • Minimized the number of trays needing re-preparation, saving time, and reducing waste.
  • Reduced meal delivery from one hour to less than 30 minutes!
Room Service and Tray inMotion Elite helped achieve patient satisfaction scores above the 90th percentile!

Operations Connect
  • Used customized dashboards for real-time data on their operations.
  • Tracked KPIs to help identify areas of improvement, increasing staff efficiency and productivity.
  • Analyzed food production and consumption data to identify areas to reduce waste and streamline operations.
  • This has made an impact on cost savings.
Inventory Connect
  • Tracked inventory levels in real-time.
  • Received alerts when stock levels are running low.
  • Ensured adequate stock supplies to prepare meals.
  • Invaluable in helping to manage data.
  • Able to store, organize, and retrieve data quickly.
  • Saved time and allowed them to focus on analyzing the data rather than preparing the data.

second place - harris health system

Congratulations to Harris Health System on your achievement as the second-place winner of the Innovator Award!

Having only been a Computrition customer since 2020, Harris Health System, based in Texas, underwent a transition from contract food service to a self-operated model.

This encompassed changes in menu management software, retail point-of-sale (POS) system, and overall management. The transition involved two hospitals and five retail locations.

  • Despite facing numerous constraints, Harris Health System partnered with Computrition to develop a completely customized menu from scratch.
  • The team achieved seamless integration of Hospitality Suite and iprint labeling system within the designated project period, ensuring successful implementation.
  • The Harris Health team successfully used Tray inMotion Elite to improve the robustness of its operation and it has proven to be a key tool in managing patient safety.
  • Future implementation plans include implementing SPOON later in 2023, enabling nurses to conveniently order their meals online and pick them up within 15 minutes of placing the order.



Geisinger, located in Danville, PA, has been a customer of Computrition for almost 20 years and we are happy to name them as our Prodigy Transformer!

Geisinger was one of the early adopters of Inventory Connect (IC) to manage floor stock in inpatient units and for production purposes.
  • Inventory Connect allows the buyers to operate more efficiently and in a streamlined way, ensuring accuracy.
  • Mobile-friendly use of iPads and mobile computer carts are utilized with Inventory Connect.
  • Decreased human error when ordering as IC has minimized the paper trail.
  • IC ensures accuracy by automatically sending the order directly to the individual who fulfills it and then closes the request.
  • Saved buyers and staff time entering data electronically (on average a few hours/week).

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We thank all of OUR prodigy winners!

Congratulations to all the remarkable winners of the 2023 Prodigy Awards!

We are extremely proud of the outstanding accomplishments achieved through seamless automation powered by Computrition.

Your dedication and innovation set the standard for excellence in our industry, and we are proud to partner with you.

For any questions, contact the Account Relationship Management team.