Jennifer Higgins is the Marketing Manager at Computrition, Inc. It is her joy to manage, collaborate, and work alongside a creative team that develops meaningful content to help individuals make informed decisions. Jennifer’s goal is to bring values and heart to the forefront. In doing so, she believes customers receive the best service possible. Prior to Computrition, Jennifer worked in various marketing roles such as a Social Media Coordinator, Marketing Specialist, and Live Events Manager in the Great Austin area.

Jen Higgins is wearing a floral dress and denim jacket and laughing in front of a rubber ducky backdrop.
Rigby, an adorable poodle mix, is wearing a bandana with his tongue hanging out. His owner is Jen Higgins, Computrition's Marketing Supervisor.


Jennifer received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication from the Brian Lamb School of Communication at Purdue University. She is one of three Higgins to go to Purdue – Boiler Up!


Outside of work, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her 10-years young cockapoo, Rigby, even if he makes her carry him on most of their walks. She also loves being the “silly” aunt to her five nieces and nephew (poor guy) and is a Hufflepuff. While not a true runner by any means, Jennifer is a certified member of the Computrition Ragnarians and is simply grateful to have survived running 16 miles.

Jen Higgins is running on a dirt path in the 2019 Ragnar Race, which was held in Florida.