Dominic Mittelholzer

SVP, Sales & Marketing


Dominic Mittelholzer is the Sr. Vice President of Sales & Marketing. His core responsibilities are to support the Sales & Marketing efforts throughout North America and beyond. His drive to grow business comes from working alongside dedicated, passionate individuals who share his commitment to achieve and exceed common goals. Dominic joined Computrition in April of 2008 as the Northeast Director of Sales and has had a successful business development career, both within and aside from the company, namely at US Foodservice, FoodPro Corporation, and Vistar Corporation.

The Computrition New-Name Sales is having a fun time taking pictures in front of a photo booth for the 40th anniversary.
Dominic is spreading the Computrition HERO message at our annual AHF conference with a cape in tow!


Dominic’s main mission at Computrition is to forge sustainable partnerships focused on identifying operational gaps, implementing software solutions to resolve business issues and benchmarking system performance to deliver results to our clients. In summary, he believes that our products can provide our Food Service “HERO’s” with automated tools needed to provide better nutrition based outcomes for patients in the healing process as well as significant opportunities to standardize workflows, reduce needless expense and drive up revenues.


When not traveling for work, Dominic enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, and their family dog, Rosie. He’s also been known to buy one too many things at Nordstrom, and can never turn down a Dirty Tito’s Martini.

Dominic and his family enjoying the lake on a beautiful Summer day!