Chief Technology Officer (CTO)


As CTO, Alina Freger is responsible for overseeing the development and advancement of Computrition products and has been instrumental in the transition to mobile-based offerings. With a 20+ year career in the company, Alina has had job titles including Senior Developer, Team Lead, Director of R&D, and Sr. VP of Research and Development.

Alina being adventurous with three beautiful Scarlett Macaws on her shoulder and head!
Alina enjoying a replica of the infamous Ghostbusters car.


Alina graduated from St. Petersburg Technical University (Russia) with an MS in Computer Science with honors. She also continued her education by taking courses at MIT and Harvard. Alina appreciates the dedication, passion, and intelligence of the Computrition staff, who make work feel like a family. While challenges may arise in R&D, there are always opportunities to grow and learn from others.


In her free time, she enjoys exercise, travel, trivia, and reading. She also considers herself a “foodie,” and loves trying meals in new places.

Alina in front of a beautiful European garden with an array of colorful flowers and a blue sky.