Foodservice Point-of-Sale
Integration and Interoperability

Foodservice Point-of-Sale Integration and Interoperability

These days, there are many challenges in the foodservice sector: health concerns, labor shortages, and rising supply costs can all impact your business. Nonetheless, having a suitable foodservice point-of-sale (POS) solution can help you overcome these hurdles.

Integrated Solutions Create a Cohesive Retail Experience

A good POS solution should become the hub of your foodservice operation, working with the other systems through intelligent integrations. These integrations can make a massive difference in your retail environment.

Integrating your foodservice POS with your online food ordering solution is a must. Online ordering offers a contactless way for employees to order food, choose their pickup time, and pay with a credit / debit card, payroll deduction, or a declining balance account. This reduces the need for employees to wait in checkout lines and gives them a convenient option to maximize their break time. Employees then pick up their meal while it is fresh, helping to reduce queues for other patrons. Furthermore, a robust online ordering solution will support customer loyalty programs to encourage on-site dining and grow the operation’s retail brand, making your online presence a seamless extension of your retail locations.

Graphic of a retail foodservice operation using a foodservice point-of-sale solution

An integrated POS / online ordering solution also helps businesses to operate successfully despite current labor shortages, namely by setting up online locations with their own menus. Behind the scenes, the technology intelligently routes each item to the proper line printer so the appropriate staff can fill the orders by the designated time. In addition, a quality foodservice point-of-sale solution alleviates the need for fully staffing cashiers by allowing resources to shift wherever needed.

Harness the Power of Interoperability

Another must-have feature for your foodservice POS is integration with your foodservice management application, which establishes a powerful foundation for data analytics. Cost, production, and sales data can be combined and then examined to determine profit. Foodservice operators can use sales data to forecast future demand and right-size orders, inventory, and production. Greater accuracy reduces expenses stemming from spoilage and overproduction, minimizes capital tied up in surplus supplies, and decreases overall supply costs.

Computrition’s suite of solutions readily integrates POS, online food ordering, and foodservice management systems to drive sales and lower costs. In addition, this kind of POS technology provides flexible payment options for employees.

With interoperable solutions, foodservice operations can track profit and forecast demand. Consequently, businesses see where to focus capital and reduce waste, keeping costs low for themselves and their customers.

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Wynn Taylor has an extensive background in software, where he has shaped several products in the healthcare, financial, and automotive spaces. He is the product manager for Computrition’s retail platform – SuitePoint! A few of his favorite things include technology, problem solving, and continuous improvement.