Computrition Launches Latest Connect Product to Enhance Inventory Management


August 9, 2017  – Los Angeles, CA – Expanding the Connect line of products, Computrition has released Inventory Connect, the newest mobile-based add-on application for the Hospitality Suite software system. Inventory Connect was designed to help healthcare operators streamline the item fulfillment and requisition process and ensure floor stock contain adequate par levels to meet the needs of patients.

Though this solution can also be used at the desktop, it’s mobile capabilities equip staff to efficiently track the floor stock quantities at each cost center location and generate a delivery requirement list that outlines the amount of each item that needs to be replenished. This expedites the item fulfillment process to just one delivery per location. The intuitive syncing between Inventory Connect and Hospitality Suite automatically updates inventory in real-time. Besides electronically tracking the cost of items delivered, Inventory Connect also produces requisition orders for an improved billing process. Additionally, the digital signature feature of this module provides staff with an extra measure of accountability when confirming delivery of items to each cost center.

Essentially, automating the inventory process enables operators to accurately manage the amount of items on hand, which reduces food waste and prevents theft, that can otherwise occur with overstocked inventory. These process improvements will help secure additional food cost savings and promote patient satisfaction. The versatility of Inventory Connect isn’t limited to just the healthcare industry, as it can support most operations that want to effectively manage products coming in and going out of their inventory.

Annie Labrecque, Computrition’s Product Advancement Manager, states “We are excited to debut the initial release of our newest solution, Inventory Connect, and anticipate its potential for future advanced functionalities relative to store room inventory, order receiving, item issuing for production, return to stock and more.”

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