2019 User Conferences Prepare Customers for Operational Improvement with Computrition’s Efficiency Blueprint


April 8, 2019 – Los Angeles, CA – Computrition’s Account Relationship Management (ARM) team officially announces the User Conference season, with a theme focused on preparing customers to improve their operational performance with Computrition’s Efficiency Blueprint.

Achieving lasting success from automating foodservice operations hinges on users routinely evaluating their application of the software and ensuring the optimization of features and functionalities to the fullest. At the heart of Computrition’s User Conferences is the drive to provide new and tenured users the opportunity to enhance their proficiency with the software, which in turn produces ongoing operational efficiencies, increases employee and patient satisfaction, reduces safety risks, and protects budgets.

Staying up-to-date with the resources that Computrition offers has constructively impacted customers, as realized by an attendee from one of last year’s conferences, “Even though I have been using Computrition for many years, there’s always something I find new and useful at the User Conferences.”

Additionally, the workshops continue to be a highlight of these conferences and attendees have found the workbooks to be assets they can frequently reference for support. Past workshops have included popular topics such as recipe analysis, price updates, requisition processes, daily workflows, and menu management. This year’s workshops are designed to reinforce the benefits of properly maintaining data, as well as effectively training and equipping staff to work as efficiently as possible.

Sessions will be hosted at prominent healthcare organizations across the U.S. and Canada that are successfully leveraging automation not only to advance their foodservice departments but also collectively improve the overall performance of their hospitals and health systems.

Running alongside the User Conference season is Computrition’s annual Prodigy Award contest, which is a platform allowing customers to share the benefits of automation. Winners are selected based on innovative uses of the software, cost-saving measures and other operational improvements achieved.

Please visit our website for details about registering for a User Conference and submitting an entry for the Prodigy contest.

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