Computrition Launches DataArc to Support Healthcare Foodservice Operators with Critical Data Management


May 4, 2020 – Los Angeles, CA – Computrition’s latest product launch of DataArc will provide healthcare foodservice operators with critical data management functionality through integrated data warehousing technology.

With DataArc’s agile ETL technology, data extracted from Hospitality Suite is transformed and loaded to a hospital’s enterprise data warehouse. Bridging the data between these resources makes it possible to create intelligent reports with charts and graphs using various visualization tools, eliminating the complexity of spreadsheets.

Increased visibility of measurable outcomes and better-interpreted data allows food, nutrition, and retail services to achieve advanced operational analysis. Having business intelligence relating to meal service, production, and point-of-sale activity empowers healthcare executives with the insights needed to ensure food safety, reduce food waste, control inventory, and streamline retail operations.

Two professionals are looking at a computer screen that shows a bar chart. The image is overlaid with different data and metrics visuals.

Amid a critical time, such as a global pandemic that causes a surge of financial pressures on the healthcare industry, data is necessary to measure safety performance and support standardization goals that drive expense reduction and hospital-wide efficiency.

Computrition’s Product Manager, Mary George, responded to DataArc’s debut by stating, “DataArc is a valuable resource for meeting patient safety standards and supply chain KPIs – both of which are crucial for the vitality of healthcare organizations. DataArc’s PHI-compliant reports equip healthcare operators to examine historical trends effectively and develop their best practices continually.”

As a result of data-driven decision making, hospitals and health systems can streamline financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting initiatives. Optimized utilization of enterprise foodservice software not only helps ensure continual progress in patient care but drives resilience during unprecedented public health challenges.

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