User Conference Testimonials

User Conference Testimonials

Here’s what a few attendees from the 2018 User Conferences had to say about their experience!


"Even though I have been using Computrition for many years, there’s always something I find new and useful at the User Conferences." 

-Lara Kirtley, Canyon Ranch

"Really appreciate the workbooks and have referred to the one given last year multiple times."

-Joanne Smith, Orillia Soldiers Memorial Hospital

"This was my first conference and I have limited knowledge of Computrition. This was a great introduction to the features and functionality of the software."

-Sheryl Searle, University of Chicago

"I feel supported by the company and was provided many answers to questions I had. The presenters were very pleasant and easy to follow."

-Crystal Vila, Orange Coast Medical Center

"I learn shortcuts and time savers from other experienced users."

-Loretta Wojtan, Palos Hospital

"Realized how much I didn't know regarding functions and capabilities of Computrition. Interested in learning more and checking out the Support website."

-Kristen Trout, Providence St. Vincent

"It was very informative as I learned how much can really be done through the program."

-Rita Stegman, Hebrew Senior Life

"I like learning about existing functions that I was not aware of. Hearing how other facilities are using the software."

-Shannon Perrett, Pomona Valley Hospital

"Keeps you in the know for how to best use Computrition to provide ease to your workflow."

-Shandelle Stroeder, Saskatoon Health Region

"This was my first one, but I really appreciate the networking with other users and having Computrition experts available for help/answering questions."

-Amanda Nederostek, PCH Intermountain Healthcare