XChange GatewayXChange Gateway

More and more, enterprise-class application users seek to provide endpoint integration into both their core products as well as ancillary systems. With the wealth of data captured in these systems, there is often the need to pass data between and amongst them to allow for deep integration and a true reduction in manual processes. The XChange Gateway provides a mechanism to both mine data from and update information within Hospitality Suite® on a real-time basis to and from various third party software systems. This is done seamlessly, from machine to machine, without the end-user having to start a batch process or concern him or herself as to how the data is structured or updated.

The Xchange Gateway

There are many products in the marketplace which claim to be the solution for application interoperability. Unlike many of these products, Computrition's XChange Gateway is truly vendor-neutral. Utilizing industry-standard XML, we offer open integration that allows for the ability to transfer data between Hospitality Suite and any preferred vendor. Computrition's Gateway solution is not dependant on third party middleware products and is supported and updated with every Hospitality Suite release.

The XChange Gateway is the perfect complement to Hospitality Suite to meet all your data interchange needs!

Rather than rely on any third-party protocols, the Hospitality Suite XChange Gateway communicates information using Web Service technology via a secure internal intranet, an encrypted private to public network, or the Internet. Computrition's XChange Gateway Products for Hospitality Suite communicate to and from other products through the use of XML formatted messaging. Simply stated, this add-on application provides the most streamlined and accessible mechanism for bi-directional application communication.

The XChange Gateway offers infinite opportunity to extend a greater level of knowledge and services to both end-users of the Hospitality Suite application as well as to customers served on a daily basis throughout one's foodservice operation.