SuitePoint! Account ConnectSuitePoint! Account Connect

When it comes to retail management in hospitals, charge accounts like payroll deduction, gift cards, and declining balances are great employee benefits (and with good reason!). Hospital staff can quickly scan their ID badge when paying for food or use a gift card to purchase an item from their favorite store -- meaning less time waiting in line and more time caring for patients.

When factoring in the amount of accounts that are involved, especially with sizeable hospital systems, the task of managing such a program can be quite intimidating for administrators! That’s where we come in with SuitePoint! Account Connect.

This SuitePoint! Point-of-Sale add-on module allows employees to manage their own payroll deductions, gift cards and declining balances from any mobile device or PC browser. That’s right, individuals can conveniently access information in a way that’s easy and user-friendly. And with peace of mind too, because security is at the forefront of this product. Our team even enlisted the help of a third-party security team to audit and ensure Account Connect is as safe as possible. Once your users start using SuitePoint! Account Connect into their workday, you’ll also see how cohesive your retail operation becomes, making life even better for you. Oh and let’s not forget profitable too. Capturing employee business with Account Connect can really increase retail revenue!

    • Customizable login screen that fits each facility’s specific logo
    • Password-protected login with customer data encryption to keep personal information safe - users also see the last login information (date and time) for additional security
    • Easily add, remove and manage different accounts from one landing page
    • Manage multiple gift cards at once, including adding credit, and archiving old cards that are no longer in use
    • Add payroll terms and conditions acceptance to the enrollment process
    • Using one database, account and transaction history information can be viewed in SuitePoint! Point-of-Sale as well as Account Connect. Meaning: no redundant entries
    • Supports all major account types in SuitePoint! Point-of-Sale – billing, declining balance, payroll deduction/pay plans, standard, special, and gift cards
    • Option to publish the web page externally or keep internal
    • Includes settings to implement add-on module, SuitePoint! Customer Loyalty Program, a customized rewards program that incentivizes customers to make healthier food choices
      • Mobile-based for easy access anywhere
      • Simplifies multiple account management
      • Empowers users to self-manage their personal charge accounts
      • Promotes accountability through signatures
      • Provides transparency of user purchases and charges
      • Maximizes throughput by decreasing slowness at checkout lines
      • Paperless method, resulting in reduced costs
      • Frees-up resources for other duties due to a streamlined process