Tray InMotionTray InMotion

Looking for a tool to track meal counts, patient and guest tray delivery and production flow? Tray InMotion is a real-time, integrated and easy-to-use application enabling your staff to efficiently manage tray delivery and retrieval of patient and guest meals for your operation. A simple tool that utilizes barcode scanners with numerous benefits, Tray InMotion promotes patient safety by ensuring that the right meals are delivered in a timely manner to specific patients. It acts as a safeguard against delivery of an incorrect therapeutic diet and enables Nutrition Services teams to track and benchmark their individual and shift delivery times.

Tray InMotion is a key tool for any Healthcare Nutrition Services Operation. There is no other efficient method to maintain a global grasp on the intricate details of serving numerous patients and guests multiple times a day than this monitoring solution. Ensure patient safety, simplify and manage meal delivery and retrieval and promote satisfaction and organization of your operation with this premier meal management add-on application. Now, your facility can further streamline your operation and increase production efficiency.

Look no further than Tray InMotion to meet your meal delivery needs!

    • Provides real-time, immediate tray delivery information to call center staff
    • Hand-held device barcoding option allows staff to instantly update tray status
    • Ability to scan patient wristbands provides a mechanism to confirm tray delivery to the correct patient with the correct diet and can be used as another form of patient identification
    • The system provides bold status and warning messages for added confirmation and security measures

  • Detailed reporting to track and monitor the process flow of the room service delivery process
  • Alerts users when standard stage delivery times are not met
  • Full integration into Hospitality Suite (HS) – Computrition's comprehensive foodservice and diet office software solution – displays stage delivery times for each patient
  • Promotes patient satisfaction by ensuring trays are delivered and retrieved in a timely manner
  • Real-time data transmitted to the call center staff enhances the level of internal communication
  • Acts as a safeguard against delivery of an incorrect therapeutic diet, increasing accuracy and saving costs
  • Provides immediate tray delivery information to diet office staff, allowing them to answer within seconds the question “Where is my tray?”
  • Improves the meal delivery process flow and exposes areas that delay the tray transit time
  • Enhances your Room Service operations