TouchPoint Dining

TouchPoint Dining

Finally a solution exists that offers patients a safe and easy mechanism to take control of their meal ordering. As an add-on module to Hospitality Suite®, Computrition's comprehensive foodservice and diet office software solution, and in conjunction with a meal ordering system and in-suite TVs/monitors, TouchPoint Dining offers clinically-specified menus displayed directly to patients.

TouchPoint Dining acts as a bi-directional data transfer facilitator, allowing the movement of information between the two systems.

TouchPoint Dining Diagram

It is the first system of its kind to enable a fully-automated solution for a traditional trayline or an on-demand room service patient environment, reducing the amount of labor and resources required to process patient meal requests.

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How it Works:

The meal ordering system displays on the TVs/monitors clinically valid menu items relayed from Hospitality Suite that can be ordered by the patient. Using a standard pillow speaker, bedside remote control or keyboard, patients order their desired items from the TV/monitor and Hospitality Suite subsequently processes the order. This entire process helps improve the time required for and efficiency of the entire meal delivery process.

With this integrated system, patients receive:

  • The ability to select their preferred meals
  • Nutritional data and analysis for menu items ordered
  • Menus specific for them with allergies and restricted food items removed, ensuring that menu offerings are appropriate for their therapeutic diets

Demonstrated benefits of TouchPoint Dining:

  • Diminish food waste by delivering food that patients request
  • Reduce the number of patients needing staff to visit to order meals
  • Increase labor savings by decreasing diet office staff required to operate a room service call center (room service environments only)
  • Reduce the cost of and reliance on paper menus

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TouchPoint Dining


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