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Room Service Connect LogoHealthcare systems using call centers to take room service orders are constantly refining their process to efficiently manage meal ordering. Let us be part of that process by using our Room Service Connect add-module for our Room Service product!

Computrition sought to develop a powerful solution using a platform already familiar to users: their computers’ web browsers. This allows your staff to efficiently take the meal orders from the convenience of their desktops, laptops or tablets available at your hospital. On top of that, if you are managing a multi-site operation, Room Service Connect will provide you the tools you need to easily take orders in a centralized call center by switching from one hospital to the other within seconds. Now that’s streamlining!

Room Service Connect

Meal selection screen displays nutrient totals and patient’s food restrictions

  • Engineered with functionality specific for a room service call center
  • Conveniently take orders from any patient from any hospital at any time!
  • Identifies patient likes, dislikes, and allergies (LDAs)
  • Displays meal nutrient content as menu items are added
  • Take orders from the same group of patients (e.g. those on specific rooms and floors)? Room Service Connect allows you to save patient lists for your staff to quickly access and use again for meal entry
  • Take guest tray orders and increase those revenues!
  • Determine the patients who haven’t ordered their meal(s), so your staff can take their selections
  • View the patient’s tray delivery status using our Tray Delivery Dashboard available with our Tray InMotion add-on module
  • Simplifies the process of taking patient orders for a single hospital or multi-site operation
  • Ensures that all room service-eligible patients’ orders are taken
  • No additional hardware required in the call center

Simplify Call Center Ordering!


Simplify Call Center Ordering with Room Service Connect

Multiple Sites, Multiple Orders - One Call Center

With 44% of individuals not wanting to go to hospitals due to issues of respect, providing exceptional customer service, especially with food, is a must. See how Room Service Connect can help your call center staff!