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Most hospitals need a way to transfer information such as admissions, transfers and diet orders from their hospital’s information system (HIS) or electronic health record into Hospitality Suite. Computrition's HL7 Interface (I/F) is typically provided as a full turnkey on either a physical rack mounted server or a VMware packaged image. The HL7 I/F is compiled to run on Red Hat or CENTOS Linux client workstation or server, version 6 or 7.

The interface provides a real-time, unidirectional, HL7 compliant, interface with a facility’s electronic health record system in order to pass information over to the Oracle database based upon applicable business rules that are put into place. Incorporating an interface along with your system helps eliminate redundant data entry and streamlines the data entry process.

The following are offered components of the HL7 Interface:

  • Admits, Discharges, and Transfers (ADT)
    Transfers admissions, discharges and room transfers through the interface.
  • Diet Orders
    Sends patient diet order information through the interface.
  • Pending Diet Orders (add-on)
    The addition of Pending Diet Orders automates the process that reduces the labor associated with noting progressive diet orders. This system helps increase patient safety and diet order accuracy, reduce costs related to incorrect or late trays, and saves time in entering the progression of diet orders.
  • Tube Feeding Orders (add-on)
    Tube feeding orders can be added to come across the interface.
  • I/F Monitoring Module (add-on)
    The I/F Monitoring module sends email notifications the instant issues arise, such as dropped connection from the HIS system, Hospitality Suite is in a “deny users” state for too long, the interface is unable to log into Oracle, etc.

Computrition is an Organizational Member of HL7 International