EasyTouch Menu SelectionsEasyTouch Menu Selections

EasyTouch Menu Selections is the complete touch screen solution for any healthcare-based nutrition services operation. Developed primarily for room service environments, EasyTouch Menu Selections offers increased sophistication, flexibility and speed to the patient menu selection process.

While being careful not to restrict or disturb more traditional methods of menu selection, this product enhances the methods currently available to aggregate patient meal requests. This stellar touch screen technology provides staff with the added comfort and speed required to quickly search for patients and take real time and future meal orders for today’s bustling healthcare operations. Further, it continues to ensure the most stringent standards of patient safety and security as provided by Hospitality Suite’s restrictive food controls for potential allergens or therapeutic diets, as well as in the viewing of immediate nutrient value tallying for each menu item, as well as for the total meal.

Navigating EasyTouch Menu Selections is a breeze with all functions viewable on minimal screens. It offers multiple navigation and selection options, such as using touch screen, double-click and right-click or keystroke flexibility to customize patient menus, document special comments, modify menu item portion sizes and more! Effectively communicating all patient needs and requests is easily achieved amongst nutrition services, kitchen expeditors, floor hosts and most importantly, the patient, through ample free text space for including any general or menu-specific comments.

EasyTouch Menu Selections greatly simplifies the monitoring and tracking of menu selections for a single patient, a specific floor or unit, or the entire hospital through seamless and variable search and grouping capabilities. Essential Nutrition Services responsibilities, such as identifying all patients yet to place their order for a particular meal period or day part is a snap. Simply "Touch" and go!

  • Sleek, intuitive interface primed for touch screen menu selections
  • Provides at a glance view of essential, high-impact information such as nutrient content and patient likes, dislikes, allergies and restrictions (LDAR)
  • Choose selections not offered in menus, giving your patients the freedom to choose what they want based on their LDARs
  • Adjust item portion sizes and provide the exact amount of food to eat
  • Set meal delivery times so patients get to eat at the right time
  • Enter important comments about menu selections and the meal. You can even enter kitchen ticket comments and have it print on the ticket
  • Simplified screen interface provides an easy-to-use software that makes choosing menu selections faster and more accurate
  • Increase patient satisfaction due to reduced errors and improved delivery times
  • At-a-glance view of nutrient content gives you nutritional information that is updated as selections are added to the meal
  • Lower costs due to reduced training time and accurate meal selections
  • Provides an alternative way to select meal items other than using a keyboard and mouse