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Bedside ConnectAs our market evolves to adopt advancing technologies, Computrition is there to leverage those technologies in making your everyday workflow more efficient and productive than ever before!

The use of tablets in the Healthcare industry has risen in the last few years and with good reasons: they’re easy to use and lightweight so they can be carried anywhere. Computrition took notice of the proliferation of these devices and saw an opportunity to provide users with an intuitive and powerful bedside meal ordering solution — Bedside Connect.

Bedside Connect takes advantage of a tablet’s touch screen abilities so that the bedside meal selection experience is easy and efficient for the user and quick and pleasant for the patient. And since patient satisfaction is a focal point for hospitals year-after-year, especially as it relates to reimbursements, our solution can become an essential tool as part of your patient satisfaction initiative.

Bedside Connect is an add-on module to Hospitality Suite (HS) and leverages those features that are integral to HS such as identifying likes, dislikes, allergies, and restrictions; showing nutrient totals as selections are made; ordering guest trays; and much more!

    • Take bedside patron meal orders using a tablet
    • Flags selections for likes, dislikes, and allergies with the ability to enter them on the spot!
    • Updates and displays meal nutrient content as choices are made
    • Always visit the same group of patients (e.g. those on specific rooms and floors)? Bedside Connect allows you to save patient lists for you and your staff to quickly access and use again for meal entry!
    • Edit staff notes, religion, and language information with ease
    • From the patient list, find out who hasn’t ordered their meal(s) yet, ensuring that your staff visit those patients and gather their selections
    • Allows for guest tray ordering, which helps increase revenues
    • Real-time tray tracking! Need to know the status of a tray? Use this neat feature to find out (requires the Tray InMotion add-on module)
      • Equips users with the mobility to take orders at bedside
      • Significantly expedites the meal selection process
      • Increases patient-staff interaction, helping to boost satisfaction scores (and influence hospital reimbursements)
      • Shows that your department is using cutting-edge technology

Improve Patient Satisfaction Scores!


Improve Patient Satisfaction with Bedside Connect

Patient-Staff Interaction Matters

According to a study, 57% of patients are unable to correctly name their attending medical team. Find out how Bedside Connect can develop enduring (and profitable!) patient relationships!