The Automated Menu Planning Suite (AMPS) add-on module saves time and money by automatically writing menus once a master menu and the appropriate tables are built in Hospitality SuiteĀ®. This feature is particularly time-saving for facilities that frequently change their menu cycles. AMPS can be used by a central location to generate menus for their off-site facilities, creating and managing menus at a central location in one schema for all sites. It can also be used to create off-site therapeutic menus to sister facilities, such as retirement homes or meal delivery programs. If you are looking for a solution to streamline menu planning and save time, look no further, as Computritionā€™s AMPS module can assist you with your menu planning needs.

  • Total integration with Hospitality Suite
  • User-defined setup of Therapeutic diet and Substitution Types
  • Set recipe substitution assignments such as portion size changes and substituted recipes
  • Automated Therapeutic diet menu creation based on substitution assignments
  • User-defined cycles/date ranges for reporting
  • Menu Guide and Therapeutic diet spreadsheet report
  • Therapeutic Menu Nutrient Averages report
  • Menu Extended Recipe report: generates a cycle-based recipe book and table of contents
  • Enhanced Menu Calendar, Menu Nutrient Analysis, Production Worksheet and Shopping List reports for cycle-based menus