Web Recipes and Web MenusWeb Recipes and Web Menus

Web Recipes

Web Recipes is the exciting, easy-to-use solution for making your wonderful recipes viewable online. In environments where Hospitality Suite is centrally maintained and recipes are printed and sent to satellite locations for production, Web Recipes increases the ease by which sites can compile, scale and review recipes.

  • Easily access recipes at each facility using any browser, on-demand.
  • Instantaneously view all recipes, ingredient listings, as well as their respective nutritional values.
  • Printing recipe nutrition facts information is a breeze! Just view, select, scale, and then print!
  • Reduce paper waste by eliminating the need to print and ship hard copies of recipes.

Web Menus

Looking for more features than Web Recipes? Then Web Menus may be for you! As an add-on module to Hospitality Suite, Computrition's Web Menus is our solution to view meal offerings through any browser.

  • View specific menus or make meal choices while viewing the nutritional content aggregated from selected items.
  • Add items to your personal meal selections and the system automatically tallies the nutritional information of the total meal.
  • Print a nutrition facts label for individual menu items or for the entire meal!
Web Recipes Features Include:

  • Easily access recipes at each facility via any browser
  • Quantify recipes according to your required needs
  • View nutritional analysis of each recipe
  • Print recipe nutrition information in nutrition facts format
  • Save money on unnecessary printing and shipping of quantified recipes

Web Menus Features Include:

  • View current meal offerings through any browser
  • Make meal selections while reviewing nutritional content
  • Print nutrition information for individual menu items
  • Print nutrition information for all menu items selected
  • Promote healthy dining choices
  • Reduces line queues by allowing guests to make healthy meal selections in advance