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Everywhere you look, you can’t help but notice someone using a smartphone or tablet. For a lot of us, it’s an integral part of our work and personal life. We use it to read our email, check the weather, get updates on traffic, and for an unending list of other tasks and functions. So why not use it to view menu selections that include complete nutritional facts?

Computrition’s Web Menus Mobile does exactly that. Imagine patrons viewing details about food served in your dining locations on their phones and being able to make conscious decisions on what to purchase. Envision your staff knowing of the nutritional content of the items in your cafeteria or cafés even before they enter through their doors.

In a fast-moving world where mobile technology brings you information in seconds, leverage the power of Computrition’s Web Menus Mobile to drive growth in your dining locations.

  • View menus on smartphones, tablets, and laptops
  • See the nutritional content of your food choices in Nutrition Facts format
  • View possible allergens associated with items
  • Easy filtering to find choices quickly
  • Ability to access all dining outlets
  • Brand Web Menus Mobile with your facility logo
  • Staff members have the convenience of viewing menus wherever they are
  • Quick and easy access to menu information helps to increase traffic into retail areas that can ultimately increase revenue
  • Find when and where your favorite foods are being served
  • Make conscious decisions on food choices
  • The familiar Nutrition Facts format makes it easy to understand nutritional content
  • Improves or supports nutrition education and initiatives in your institutions