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Inventory Connect LogoWhen it comes to item fulfillment or floor stock management at cost centers, as it relates to food and nutrition departments, it is often a manual process that can be costly and inefficient. Here’s why... An inventory staff visits each cost center and manually writes down the needs of each location; afterwards, that person goes back to inventory and either gathers the items or provides the amounts to someone else to retrieve. The other scenario is that the inventory staff member simply places items on a cart, without any knowledge of how much are actually needed at the cost centers, and proceeds to deliver items, which results in overstocking. Sound familiar?

With our mobile-based Inventory Connect add-on module, we make your item fulfillment and floor stock management effective. Through a mobile device, you can visit each location to enter the amounts required and afterwards, Inventory Connect generates a delivery requirements list of the items with their quantities. Once the list is created, another staff member in your stock area can review it and gather the necessary items. This new procedure allows your staff to make one delivery to each location, streamlining the item fulfillment process. In addition, you can track the costs for each cost center for billability and even receive digital signatures confirming the receipt of the items. Inventory Connect elevates your item fulfillment and floor stock management process and you will quickly wonder how you could have managed it without our solution!

    • For cost centers that require minimum quantities of certain items between deliveries, inventory templates are available providing par levels listed for each item. When staff visits the locations and counts the amounts, they can refer to the templates to determine how much of each item to retrieve to bring the items up to par
    • Track the items delivered along with costs for billability
    • Allows for digital signatures confirming receipt of items
    • Requisitions are easily created through Inventory Connect. The system syncs with Hospitality Suite (HS) and updates inventory levels automatically
    • Inventory Connect can also be used via a browser on a desktop PC to fulfill the item requirements for different types of cost centers such as a catering event, a café, a dining hall or a doctor’s lounge and even to track finished goods in a cook/chill operation
      • Mobile-based for ease of use
      • Simplifies item fulfillment and floor stock management by determining the exact amount of items to bring to each location, allowing staff to make only a single trip from inventory to each cost center
      • Tracks costs for each location and lowers incidences of staff using items unnecessarily
      • Promotes accountability through signatures
      • Paperless method, resulting in reduced costs
      • Frees-up resources for other duties due to a streamlined process

These are just the initial features and benefits of Inventory Connect. Computrition plans to elevate future functionality that could include store room inventory, order receiving, item issuing for production, return to stock and much more.

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Streamline Staff Responsibilities

Nurses lose up to three hours every 12-hour shift to non-direct care tasks such as redundant paperwork. Find out how you can maximize your FTEs time with Inventory Connect!