Meal Choice Connect

Meal Choice Connect

At some point we all have been in this situation - we’re hungry and need a meal asap. However, we’re not exactly sure what we want, so we pull out our phone and search for a few restaurants close by and browse their online menus to decide what looks appealing and/or is within a certain diet. Once we choose where and what we would like to eat, the rest is history! Sound familiar?

Having this ability to quickly find meal choices online can serve as a tremendous benefit for both consumers and the retail locations they are interested in. Not only does it help drive traffic, but in doing so, consumers are prepared ahead of time, meaning faster ordering, reduced line queues and increased revenue!

At Computrition we understand the value of accessing meal choices in both the patient recovery process and ensuring that hospital staff stay adequately fueled throughout their busy shifts. With that in mind, we developed Meal Choice Connect, a powerful web-based, add-on module that allows individuals to view options at various locations within a hospital, from any browser. Customers can easily access daily meal offerings for each meal period, see nutritional information (including recipe allergens, ingredients and nutrients) through full integration with our Hospitality Suite, add item selections to a personalized list and view total nutritional information for an entire meal selection. After a few clicks in Meal Choice Connect, your customers will know exactly what they want to eat and more importantly, that they don’t need to look any further than your facility to get it!

    • Easy-to-use landing screen with each facility and displayable corporate logo
    • Supports multi-dataset sites and allows easy customer navigation between datasets to see menu offerings for their specific location
    • Daily or week-at-a-glance view of meal offerings for all site-specific retail areas
    • Personalized menu items that include enticing descriptions for a more creative, restaurant-quality display
    • Utilizes up-to-date FDA Nutrition Information format and allows nutritional content in both normal and USDA label format view
    • Full integration with our Foodservice Operations Management (FOM) and/or Nutrition Care Management (NCM) software, ensuring that recipe allergens and sub-ingredients are shown
    • Visible legend enabling customers to easily find items based on specific diets (ex. V – Vegetarian, GF – Gluten Free)
    • Drop-down search filters that simplify the menu selection process
    • Add, remove and edit items on personalized lists that calculate total nutritional information for entire meal selection
    • Built-in FAQ section for quick assistance with product features
      • Browser-based for easy access anywhere
      • Empowers customers to make healthier meal choices
      • Reduces line queues by allowing customers to view menu offerings in advance
      • Increases retail revenue by capturing employee and guest business
      • Utilizes cutting-edge technology


Boost Retail Revenue!


Meal Choice Connect


Leveraging Online Menus Is Beneficial

With the high demand for nutritious food options, every retail foodservice operator must be ready to provide menu information. See how Meal Choice Connect helps improve online presence and drive retail sales.