Foodservice Operations Management (FOM)

Foodservice Operations Management (FOM)Foodservice Operations Management

The foodservice automation system you are searching for is here! Computrition has set the industry standard by offering a wide array of enterprise-level software features and services that help you efficiently plan, organize, and manage your production, inventory, and ordering operations. Our Foodservice Operations Management (FOM) software -- one of the modules in our Hospitality Suite system -- delivers superior management functionality and reporting options, giving you access to valuable information that is virtually impossible to get your hands on in a non-automated environment.

One of the most important factors that operations have to consider are budgets, and for healthcare foodservice operations, they seem to be getting slimmer every year. Overproduction, spoilage, non-standardized meal production procedures, manual labor - all of these contribute to an operation's budget. Imagine if they could be automated to streamline your operations and reduce costs. Our customers have! For example, Geisinger Medical Center saved $200,000 (see the customer success video) and, HCA West Florida Division saved over $1,000,000!

If you want to streamline your operations today, then FOM is the healthcare foodservice software that you need.

  • Leverage the power of an integrated system that eliminates redundant data entry
  • Analyze nutrient information at the food item, recipe, and menu level
  • Scale recipe and menu amounts according to production needs
  • Implement order entry interfaces with major vendors
  • Globally search and replace ingredients in your recipes
  • Globally search and replace recipes in your menus
  • Update vendor item prices automatically that reflect costs at the food item, recipe, and menu level
  • Determine the cost changes of a food item over time
  • Ensure proper food handling using the integrated HACCP functionality
  • Assign menu total counts to selected menus
  • Add ability to print nutrition facts labels for recipes
  • Store a history of post meal counts to assist in forecasting future production and order amounts
  • Automate perpetual or just-in time inventory
  • Determine inventory values
  • Create pullsheets and inventory worksheets
  • Track incoming and outgoing requisitions
  • Generate purchase orders
  • Determine the items to order based on menu requirements
  • Confirm orders and generate a report showing discrepancies between what was ordered and what will be received
  • Automate a central production/kitchen environment
  • Generate multi-site roll-up reports
  • Merge information from a master set of data out to sites
  • Customize, filter, and save reports in a variety of formats such as PDF, Excel®, and HTML

Improve Operational Performance!


Automation Is Impactful


Automation Is Impactful

Looking to maintain adequate inventory and streamline production? Find out how one hospital generated a $60,000 cost savings by consolidating and standardizing with Foodservice Operations Management!