Hospitality Suite

Hospitality Suite

At Computrition, we understand the complexity of a foodservice environment that includes food cost management, menu planning, inventory control, and labor management. In patient nutrition care, functions such as diet order management, menu administration, and tray ticket generation should be automated in order to maximize efficiency. When it comes to point-of-sale, ability to offer countless payment methods, credit card security, and integration to a back-of-the-house application is a must.

Operators need a solution for these areas and Hospitality Suite (HS) was engineered just for that purpose.




HS brings you the power to streamline your operations like never before. Our solution is comprised of three prominent applications – Foodservice Operations Management (FOM), Nutrition Care Management (NCM) , and SuitePoint! Point-of-Sale – that can help you accomplish your goals, depending on the needs of your specific industry. Hospitality Suite was specifically designed for the following market segments:

See below to find out how Hospitality Suite can improve your operations.

  • Analyzes nutrient information at the food item, recipe and menu level
  • Manages accurate inventory and ordering processes
  • Assists with production needs based on menu requirements
  • Update vendor item prices with updated cost information automatically reflecting at all levels - food items, recipes, and menus
  • Improves forecasting procedures through a variety of reporting features
  • Automates the central production/kitchen for multi-site operations
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  • Processes automatic patient menu substitutions and corrections based on likes, dislikes, and allergies (LDAs)
  • Transmits patient information securely through an HL7-compliant ADT/Orders interface and maintains data via electronic cardex technology
  • Produces tray tickets corresponding with patients' diet orders, allowing production staff to assemble trays appropriately
  • Automates the labeling and tracking components of the tube feeding process
  • Permits placement of multiple, successive pending diet orders at once
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  • Engineered for the Healthcare environment
  • Ability to perform employee charges, account charges, as well as customized declining balance accounts
  • Real-time reporting
  • Integrated with other functions of Hospitality Suite
  • Highest level of PCI compliance with credit card processor and point-to-point encryption of credit card information
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Go Beyond the Status Quo!

Go Beyond the Status Quo with Hospitality Suite

Actualize Complete Automation

Successfully transitioning from a manual operation can be intimidating, but here’s an example of how Hospitality Suite made it possible!