Account Relationship Management (ARM)

ARMAccount Relationship Management (ARM)

The ARM team has one goal in mind: make sure to keep, our customers, you and your team, happy. With our various activities, we want to understand your current and future goals with automation. This information is critical to help us make your Computrition experience a great one.

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Here are samplings of the services offered by ARM:

  • User Conferences
    The ARM team provides regional User Conferences throughout the United States and Canada. Join our meetings to find out how the software is used by your peers and to share your own challenges and success. These meetings also provide information on the latest software release, including new modules, that will help you meet your goals with automation.
  • Webinars
    Monthly educational webinars are offered to refresh your software knowledge and introduce other industry leaders that can help you increase your efficiency. Monthly webinars are also offered to introduce new products and services available to you.
  • Routine ARM Consultation
    Periodic consultations are scheduled with your team to review your daily operations flow, ensure you are ready in case of a disaster and assess your software usage. Our team's goal is to make sure you get the most out of your software solution and if you are not, to help you get there.
  • Monthly Newsletter
    Monthly newsletters are sent to you to keep you well-informed on future webinars, user conferences, new products and software updates. You will also find software tips and tricks while having a little fun with our quizzes and trivia contests!
  • Reference Tours and Case Studies
    The easiest way to find out how some of the best Computrition clients are using the software, the challenges they faced, and benefits they realized in their operations so that you can learn from them without ever leaving your workstations.
  • ADVANCE Development
    Is there a particular report that you've always wanted in Hospitality Suite? Perhaps you were looking for a specific feature that could generate additional revenue or cost savings in your facility? If so, ADVANCE Development is an option available to you to help you meet that specific requirement.
  • Additional Software/Services
    The ARM team offers many tools to help you meet your goals with automation and guide you to the next step. In addition to the services listed above, you can learn more on our new modules and services available by viewing our online demos that are available 24/7 and by contacting us with any questions.

Contact ARM

The Account Relationship Management team has one simple goal – your complete and utter satisfaction. If you need assistance, please feel free to contact ARM by emailing the ARM team at or by calling us at (800) 222-4488.


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