Pending Diet Orders Demo

Pending Diet Orders

Pending Diet Orders Demo

Computrition's Pending Diet Orders is an absolute NO-BRAINER solution when it comes to increasing patient safety and reducing errors in the tracking and modifying of patient diet orders. Imagine an automated process that reduces the labor associated with noting modified diet orders, while ensuring patient safety. Our Pending Diet Order can do exactly that!

The Pending Diet Orders function works as a one-stop ordering feature that can be added to your Diet Order Interface, allowing a diet progression, or even multiple diet orders, to concurrently be entered for patients in real time.

What are the benefits to you?

  1. Increase Patient Safety and Diet Order Accuracy
    Say, for example, that a physician orders NPO (nothing by mouth) for a patient after midnight. With the Pending Diet Order module, there is no need for human intervention, often based on notes or memory, to ensure this happens correctly and automatically.
  2. Reduce Costs Related to Incorrect or Late Trays
    Only send the trays needed for the correct diet order the first time. Reduce sending repeat trays, because of future wrongly-entered diets.
  3. Time Savings
    Patients' diet changes for future meals can be entered all at once. Example: clear liquid for lunch today, soft for dinner tonight, and regular for breakfast tomorrow. This eliminates the need for your staff to remember these complex details for each patient and spend time modifying the diets by hand!

Sound like a no-brainer? That's because it is! Take a closer look at our Pending Diet Orders functionality by taking a moment to view our demo.

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