Nutrition Food Labeling Demo

Nutrition Food Labeling

Nutrition Food Labeling Demo

If you are selling prepackaged foods or serving menu items in cafes or retail areas, then this may be the most important video you'll ever see! Here's why...

As labeling laws are fast becoming a reality, inspectors have already begun recommending -- if not requiring -- labeling or display of the nutrient content of your prepackaged food sold in your operations.

You can rely on us to provide you with the key solution to your peace of mind!

Here's what you'll learn in this demo...

  • How the Nutrition Food Labeling (NFL) module will ensure you are ready for your operation's inspection requirements
  • Why the NFL is key to improving or launching your health awareness programs
  • How the NFL easily provides answers to the increasing demand of your consumers for food content and allergens to ensure their safety
  • Why the NFL is the simplest way to provide a professional, accurate, and compliant label for your foodservice operations

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