Fusion Newsletter Article: Retail Revenue Generation – Have You Thought About These Ideas?

Retail Revenue Generation – Have You Thought About These Ideas?

Retail Revenue Generation - Have You Thought About These Ideas? When thinking about revenue generation, specifically in foodservice, I’m sure most thoughts go directly to patients and bedside nutrition. But what about hospital employees who serve those patients? They are the lifeblood of hospitals after all.

While it may seem like employees run on some sort of superhero-type strength during their 8 or 12-hour shifts, they do actually need proper food (and coffee!) to keep going. Moreover, serving the dietary needs of hospital employees, whose schedules typically leave them unable to take proper breaks, can also provide an incredible revenue and customer service opportunity.

As mentioned before, hospital employees have limited time outside of caring for patients to go on break, let alone eat or really take a breath. Even driving to get food outside of the hospital is next to impossible.

What this calls foodservice managers to do is seize the opportunity by not only having employees stay “in-house” for meals and snacks, but also provide exceptional service to keep them coming back! Things like flavor and discounts are just a start when it comes to satisfaction and eventual customer retention. Creative tactics and strategy are essential to maximizing retail revenue and standing out amongst the competition.

Now this may leave foodservice managers wondering what exactly do they need to do? So here are a few suggestions that can help increase retail revenue.

Know Schedules and Build for Speed

Being a manager comes with its fair share of perks, like having access to such information as department schedules and shift times. Foodservice managers can use this data for their benefit and focus service during shift-changes when employees are in transit. Also, because schedules are hectic, creating fast ways for employees to get food like a credit/debit line, point-of-sale queue or even using alternative payment options, i.e. payroll deduction and gift cards, can give them more time enjoying the food! And the more employees are provided for, the more likely they are to become regular customers!

Why Not Bring the Food to Them?

Foodservice managers can even take it a step further and eliminate waiting in lines altogether by simply delivering food directly to employees. Breakrooms are a great location for delivery and tend to be closer to workstations. Another option, especially if delivery seems a bit time consuming, is food made for pickup. It still provides the convenience of not waiting in a line and is perfect for individuals who have to grab and go.

Everyone Wants to Feel Important

What’s the best way to guarantee employee satisfaction? Make them feel valued, of course! By offering reward programs like customer loyalty cards, free items on birthdays or even food that caters to diverse populations, employees not only feel special, but well taken care of, which can help create customer loyalty. Speaking of loyalty, foodservice managers can tap into the “twice-a-day” customer market by offering treat receipts. It provides an opportunity for more revenue, while also increasing the likelihood that they’ll bring a fellow employee with them!

When it comes to maximizing retail revenue, the possibilities are endless. And with so much that can be done to increase sales, ultimately success comes when foodservice managers keep customers as the focus. Because at the end of the day, happy customers lead to that steady revenue stream!

Curious for More?

Retail revenue generation is shaping up to be a hot topic this year, so be on the lookout for more in the coming months. Tip sheets, an eBook, you name it!


Jennifer Higgins, Marketing SpecialistArticle by: Jennifer Higgins, Marketing Specialist; Fusion, 2nd Quarter, 2017