Fusion Newsletter Article: Raising Patient Satisfaction with Web-Based Applications

Raising Patient Satisfaction with Web-Based Applications

With over 15 years of dedicated time in Healthcare Foodservice facilities, I can say I’ve had my fair share of circling paper menus and pushing heavy “Computers On Wheels” (C.O.W.s). All these service styles, had one common goal, to increase customer satisfaction. Foodservice operations continue to be challenged with improving customer satisfaction while battling time efficiency and budgetary constraints. Staying current, with innovative technology in the healthcare field is crucial to service and customer satisfaction. So, have we finally figured out how to ditch the pencils and heavy computers and still keep our patients happy? The solution of web applications may be our answer.

Web-based applicationsThe ubiquity and convenience of web browsers have changed technology in the healthcare market today. From the perspective of time efficiency, web applications have hit the mark. Using a web browser as a client to update and maintain web applications saves IT departments’ hours of client computer software distribution and installation time. Web-based products enable users to access real-time data on portable devices with internet connection. Thus, enabling foodservice operations to efficiently manage patient nutrition information. The frustration of visiting patients to obtain meal selections and then returning to the office to find that the diet order has changed is eliminated. Current web-based applications are employed with alert monitors informing users of patient discharges, room transfers, diet order changes and allergies. This allows application users to stay informed and current throughout the entire duration of a patient’s admission. Current meal ordering applications are even equipped with special search engine features designed specifically for the quick access and confirmation of a patient’s location and diet order. These applications are so robust that facilities with multi-sites can switch from multiple healthcare locations to access patient information and manage meal selections while on the same device!

Web-based meal ordering applications are accessible from any web browser. Mobile tablets offer a lightweight alternative to pushing heavy C.O.W.s down the halls of facilities. With devices as light as a pound and a half or less, users have the ability to access and input patient information in a mobile fashion. This offers great flexibility in various patient service styles. As facilities seek to obtain the highest ratings for customer service and satisfaction, they often tweak service styles to best accommodate their clientele. The web-based applications allow meal selections to be taken potentially anywhere, by any method. This expands possibilities beyond the traditional bedside or call center only.

We welcome web-based solutions into the foodservice healthcare market with excitement! Moreover, we hope it raises the bar for customer service as web-based applications bring forth endless service style opportunities.

Liz Levenduski, MS, RD, LD, Product ManagerArticle by: Liz Levenduski, MS, RD, LD, Product Manager; Fusion, 1st Quarter, 2016