Fusion Newsletter Article: Healthcare Culinary Solutions – Bringing Culinary Back to Healthcare Foodservice

Healthcare Culinary Solutions: Bringing Culinary Back to Healthcare Foodservice

Healthcare Culinary SolutionsFoodservice software automation can greatly improve the processes within a hospital. If you have a room service program, the system will make it that much better; if you want to standardize the ingredient components of your tastiest dishes, it can help you with that task; and if you want to automate the food ordering process…yep, it can do that too.

But what foodservice software automation is unable to do is create procedures or physical items – human intervention is required for that. For example, it can’t automate a room service program if you don’t have one in place; it can’t make your meals delicious if your recipes aren’t good; and it can’t buy a new item that just came into the market unless you tell it to.

For those procedures outside of software automation, we’d like to introduce to you Healthcare Culinary Solutions (HCS), a culinary consulting company. HCS specializes in helping foodservice departments with their menu development, marketing their services, developing a room service program, improving their revenues, and a host of other offerings. Here are just a few of their services:

  • Retail Renaissance – A program enhancing retail space through new menu concepts and training in the culinary arts, customer service and retail staging
  • Hotel Room Service – Tailored to a client’s unique location needs with customized menus and project planning. According to HCS, they guarantee increased patient satisfaction scores with this program
  • Chef Solutions – Designed for foodservice departments that do not have a chef on staff. HCS will provide the culinary knowledge, production systems and training to elevate the department’s culinary excellence
  • Wellness Program – Focuses on transforming a facility into a culinary center of health and wellbeing. It delves in healthy menu development, educational material and a sound marketing program
  • Return on Investment (ROI) Assessment – Helps nutrition departments demonstrate their true value to their healthcare organization

HCS is led by Mark Dyball. His passion for quality healthcare began as a sous chef in his native home of Norwich, England. Mark went on to serve as Executive Chef of UCLA Medical Center for 11 years, transforming a loss-making retail unit into a highly profitable and service-oriented organization. As a private consultant, Mark has implemented over 28 hospital room service and 6 retail programs.

For more information on HCS, their services, and its team, go to their website at www.healthcareculinarysolutions.com or contact Mark at mdyball@healthcareculinary.mygbiz.com.

Mark DyballA.B. PendonArticle by: Mark Dyball and A.B. Pendon, Senior Marketing Manager; Fusion, 1st Quarter, 2014