Fusion Newsletter Article – The Choice Is Yours: How Bedside Meal Ordering Can Increase Patient Satisfaction

The Choice Is Yours: How Bedside Meal Ordering Can Increase Patient Satisfaction

High patient satisfaction. All hospitals want it, but achieving it may be harder than it seems. Specifically, in larger facilities with higher occupancy.

What can help though is increased patient-staff interaction, especially bedside meal ordering. Not only does it give patients the opportunity to connect with attendants, it also empowers them to choose food they like, that is within their diet.

How Can Automation Really Help?

The Choice Is Yours: How Bedside Meal Ordering Can Increase Patient SatisfactionNow I know what you may be thinking. With so many individuals to serve, how can bedside meal-ordering really help? Well, thanks to emerging technology, gone are the days of manually writing patient orders on paper. (Thank you iPads!) Hospital staff can now offer patients cutting-edge service and truly standout amongst the competition!

By automating bedside meal ordering, particularly on hand-held tablets, the experience is efficient and seamless for all parties involved. Users can scroll-through lists based on customized filters, order meals with likes, dislikes and allergies in mind, even track tray location to ensure delivery is timely and correct. In addition, keep patients safe with appropriate meal items for their specific diets. Also, because of how lightweight tablets are compared to laptops, staff can assist individuals faster and more easily.

Let’s not forget to mention automation expedites the entire meal selection process. That’s right, patients can spend less time ordering/waiting for food and more time enjoying it. And because satisfaction is so important to hospitals, giving individuals the best experience possible is absolutely essential. It not only supports a positive healing environment, but also increases the likelihood of them using your facility again, if ever needed.

Along with that, automation provides an additional customer service and revenue opportunity for foodservice departments through guest tray ordering. Individuals visiting a hospital are just as important as the patients they see and deserve the same level of care. What ordering through a hand-held device can do is allow staff to quickly order guest meals and have them arrive at the same time as a patient’s. Making it incredibly easy to create an eating experience similar to what people are already accustomed to outside of a hospital, a factor that can greatly increase satisfaction.

What Are You Waiting For?

I’m sure you see how beneficial automating bedside meal ordering can be. It not only improves operational efficiencies, but allows patients to connect with staff on a more personal level. Which is honestly what patient satisfaction is all about, making individuals feel valued and empowered.



Article by: Jennifer Higgins, Marketing Specialist; Fusion, 4th Quarter, 2017