Fusion Newsletter Article: Can Digitizing Foodservice and Other Functions Actually Save Time?

Can Digitizing Foodservice and Other Functions Actually Save Time?

Of course it can! Digitizing your hospital can also give you something even more valuable than time. It can give you data. In the healthcare IT community, we have an expression: “When you digitize it, you can analyze it.” Data helps you plan better interventions, shows your facility how to improve operations, and gives you insights into the ever-elusive customer satisfaction. And while you enjoy rich, powerful data, your patients enjoy a best-in-class experience that builds brand loyalty and market share.

So what are some of the things you can digitize to save time, gather data and elevate patient experience?

Bedside meal ordering
When at home, your patients probably use Uber Eats, or online restaurant ordering. When they’re in the hospital, touchscreen ordering brings familiarity to the hospital room. Beyond that, it spares your facility from sending staff around to patient rooms with paper menus and clipboards. By empowering self-service, your patients do the work for you, all while they enjoy the comfort and convenience of a customized, concierge experience.

Service requests
Nurses want to spend their time using clinical expertise - administering medications, understanding patients’ symptoms and progress, and working to get people well again. But a bedridden patient may need or want any number of things they can’t get themselves. Maybe they want another pillow or a glass of water. But when the patient’s main lifeline to the hospital is the nurse call button, they have to use it for everything. Giving patients a menu of choices on a tablet (“Request a drink,” “Report a spill,” “Request pet therapy”) frees nurses to spend their time better. Patients don’t try to get out of bed and risk a fall, keeping them safer and reducing length of stay.

Room controls
While it might seem like a small convenience, letting patients control their lights, shades and temperature offers safety benefits. By integrating with building management systems, bedside technology lets patients create their ideal comfortable environment without forcing them out of bed and risking injury. Once again, by empowering patients to control their own environment, staff can spend their time providing better care, rather than fiddling with the thermostat and controlling the lights.

It’s hard to believe, but many hospitals are still handing stapled paper packets to patients. There’s a better way now. A number of reputable education content providers create colorful, engaging videos that teach patients about their conditions and treatments. Companies like Jumo Health even create age-specific content, like comic book style videos for kids with certain conditions. Bedside technology lets clinicians assign the right content to the right people at the right time, or even automatically assign content based on condition or other factors. Nurses avoid the manual task of shuffling papers, and patients get on-demand access to education that resonates with them the right way.

What are you waiting for? Go digital today!

It’s time to look at every piece of paper in a hospital and ask, “is there a better way?” Everyone needs more time. Everyone needs more data. And patients deserve and demand a better experience. Digitizing hospital workflows helps your facility work better and creates the frictionless environment patients have come to expect and demand.


Article by: Oneview Healthcare; Fusion, 4th Quarter, 2018