Fusion Newsletter Article: Food Trucks Drive New Opportunities in Healthcare Foodservice

Food Trucks Drive New Opportunities in Healthcare Foodservice

If you've visited our blog recently, then you're probably familiar with this article on food trucks and their potential as a revenue stream for healthcare foodservice departments. But if you haven't, read on...

Food trucks drive new opportunities in healthcare foodservice.Typically seen on college campuses and near business centers, mobile kitchens – more commonly known as food trucks – are more popular than ever before. Customized by unique themes, these trucks are all done-up and ready to serve a wide variety of options from traditional casual food to cultural gourmet cuisine. Taking into consideration that colleges have experienced up to a “50 percent traffic increase” from patron participation, it’s no wonder that food trucks are crossing over into other onsite segments. This convenient and accessible means of dining has become so popular that it has made its way into the healthcare industry, at leading facilities such as University of North Carolina Medical Center and Tampa General Hospital. Consequently, food trucks are making a noticeable statement in healthcare dining services by providing serviceability opportunities in certain predicaments that include:

  • Reaching staff that work in distant administrative buildings
  • Late-night dinner option for second and third shift workers
  • Handy for outside workers in construction zones on campus
  • Extensive renovation periods when common outlets are closed
  • Back-up foodservice for unexpected emergency situations
  • Refreshments for episodic occasions with special events

Having the ability to transport food to various parts of the campus has been favorable in generating additional retail revenue for hospitals with a large customer base. Not only does this provide staff and visitors with an alternative during those busy cafeteria meal times, but food trucks cater to those with an adventurous palette. In response to a diverse selection of cuisine, “customers say trucks are making them step outside the box and try new foods.”

Sosi Minasian, Marketing AnalystArticle by: Sosi Minasian, Marketing Analyst; Fusion, 3rd Quarter, 2014